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What You Need to Start A Successful Hobby Farm

Have you ever encountered the word “hobby farm” and wondered what it means? Hobby Farm is a small farm built and managed out of hobby and advocates self-sufficiency. Farmers with this ranch type engage in this activity for amusement or financial gain. If you’re thinking about starting a hobby farm, you undoubtedly have plenty of […]

Precast Box Culverts: A Comprehensive Guide

You’ve probably encountered precast box culverts when driving through a subdivision, road project, or even out in the countryside. Precast box culverts are among the most widely used material for good reason, as they have a wide range of applications.   What are Precast Box Culverts? Precast box culverts, or four-sided culverts, are made of […]

4 Reasons Why Explainer Videos With Animation Are Good For Marketing

Video outputs are regarded as one of the most adaptable and effective product promoters. The prevalence of promotional videos has grown with platforms like Youtube and Tiktok. There is no doubt that businesses favor video advertising in their marketing strategy with how frequently they release recorded content. Below are some compelling arguments for why entrepreneurs […]

4 Benefits of Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy

When a solution or substance is heated, most of it vaporizes. These substances will give off light and have a corresponding wavelength to an element. Hence, it’s feasible to ascertain the elemental composition of a substance and know how densely concentrated it is with each element. That’s where Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy comes in.   Atomic […]


Brae Luafalealo better known as BOY SODA is the new and emerging Sydney based singer-songwriter who is representing the new movement of Australian bred hip-hop and R&B. Hailing from New South Wales with a musical love that he has had since he was a young boy Brae taught himself to produce as a teen using […]