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Alexa Cappelli

1883 Magazine chats with Alexa Cappelli about her new EP Confused @ 22, what was the thread that connected all of the songs together, concept writing, and more.

Samm Henshaw

I believe that is where we are in February 2022 its time for people to stop questioning whether or not UK R&B is a thing. In the past decade that I have resided in this country I have been hearing conversations and debates about what is UK R&B, does it exist etc. Even though one […]


1883 Magazine chats with the humble duo Surfaces over Zoom about the importance of being true to yourself, the healing power of music, and the inspiration behind their upcoming fifth album that may or may not sound totally different from their past works.

Tom Rhys Harries

1883 Magazine’s Kelsey Barnes chats with Tom Rhys Harries about filming Suspicion, his upcoming West End play The Seagull, what character he’d like to star in the Dune sequel, and more.