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When you hear about the Alte music scene in Nigeria, one name that cannot be missed in the conversation is BOJ. Representing alternative, genre-bending and creative afro-fusion music, BOJ has been leading the way in the alte music scene for a number of years, ever since he started making music on his own accord back […]


After celebrating their third debut anniversary earlier this year, VERIVERY are coming into their own as chameleonic forces to be reckoned with; an impression felt most palpably in their debut studio album SERIES ‘O’ [ROUND 3 : WHOLE].

Tramell Tillman

What does it mean to be swept away and submerged underneath the tides of your craft? For some, it appears to be an agreement between your spirit and mind, mystically guiding you through the necessary pathways of life as you navigate what is and isn’t for you, yearning to drown within the depths of your […]