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Nick Mulvey Live at Koko, London

I first went to Koko around 2006 to watch American hip hop trio Sugar Hill Gang. I remember entering and leaving but sadly nothing in between, I was told my friend and I somehow ended up on stage. Never good news and thankfully my memory did me a favour there.  Now in 2022 I could […]

Anjli Mohindra

Anjli Mohindra discussed her roles in Vigil and The Lazarus Project, how she prepared for Munich: The Edge of War, what it was like to film two projects in Cardiff 10 years apart, and much more.

Livia De Paolis

For the Italian creative powerhouse, Livia De Paolis, the film industry is in her DNA. Ever since Livia De Paolis’s early childhood, she can fondly recall memories of growing up on film sets, getting to play on them as a child and generally being exposed to the wondrous process that is filmmaking, thanks to her […]

Robert Nava – Thunderbolt Disco

Robert Nava has made a name for himself with his canvases depicting otherworldly creatures hovering between the mythical and the supernatural. Shaped by a range of different inspirations, they are rendered in a deliberately naïve style to conjure memories of childhood fantasies. Nava’s work is on display at Pace, London, until 25 June.