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Peach Pit

Getting older is just peachy for Peach Pit’s Neil Smith. When I first got the email about interviewing Peach Pit’s Neil Smith I did a little dance. If you live in Vancouver, as I do, and you’re also a fan of indie music, you’d recognize Peach Pit to be, essentially Vancouver’s patron saint of indie music […]


Rising musician Feather blends the wonders of nature and human connection together on his sophomore EP We Are For Each Other, with seven tracks spanning genres and moods, featuring a roster of collaborators including Badnights, TRØVES, Sintra, Lockbox, SEGØ, 44hydra and Lumasi. With a meditative yet groovy quality stretching throughout the body of work, Feather […]


Emerging visionary and avid creative d4vd inspires with his compelling artistry and unique endeavors alike. His unparalleled connections and striving examples of individuality set him apart, as he continues to carve out his own style and enthralling musical persona. d4vd forms the musical project of David Burke, an emerging multidisciplinary who collates his love of […]

Manuel Turizo

Manuel Turizo is the rising Latin hitmaker worth having on your radar. The Colombian-born singer first made waves when his 2016 single Una Lady Como Tú became an international hit and earned him a Kids Choice Award nomination. Turizo has since managed to keep up and remained prominent on the music scene, releasing two studio albums – […]