Emerging visionary and avid creative d4vd inspires with his compelling artistry and unique endeavors alike. His unparalleled connections and striving examples of individuality set him apart, as he continues to carve out his own style and enthralling musical persona.

d4vd forms the musical project of David Burke, an emerging multidisciplinary who collates his love of experimentalism and connection into a sound all of his own. As an avid gamer, the emerging artist takes profound inspiration from his Youtube gaming communities and childhood graphic novels alike, as he continues to scope out the world stage. 

Garnering thousands of fans with his Fortnite streaming videos, he soon found his love for music, and ever since, his repertoire has continued to soar. As he climbs into Spotify’s top 500 artists, and music charts alike, he catches up with 1883 Magazine to take us back to the beginning. 



Hi d4vd! How are you doing today? What’s new with you? 

Good, thank you! Just got off of a flight from L.A.


We’re obsessed with your hit single Romantic Homicide. Before we delve into the release, tell us a little more about how you first got into music. How did this journey begin?

It’s as unconventional as it gets haha. I literally started making music just to avoid getting copyright strikes on my Fortnite montages I post on YouTube.


How would you describe your sound and its evolution so far?

I would describe it as genre-less because I make an effort to try as many styles as possible vocally. The evolution is more on the mixing side, as I’m getting better with making my vocals sound clearer over the instrumental.


You have a really interesting creative process when it comes to songwriting and we’d love to delve into this further. Is this often through a stream of consciousness? If so, how do you develop the instrumentals you discover into tunes we all know and love?

Yes quite literally. I believe that the instrumental will tell you what needs to be said, and although I’m writing poems and stories all the time, they often don’t translate into songs very well. I usually start a song by vocalizing lyrics off of the top of my head, only occasionally writing down certain parts to help contextualize the story I’m trying to tell.


Who or what inspires you to create your music? Is there a particular place or situation that brings you motivation?

Everything haha, it comes from everything throughout life. Whether it be personal experiences or sounds I hear, people I see, random occurrences or visuals in movies, etc.


Your single Romantic Homicide has amounted huge success, climbing to hot spots on the single charts and garnering you a substantial buzz across streaming platforms alike! How has the fan reaction been recently?

It’s been amazing, actually. I love conversing and talking back to the listeners that appreciate the music I put out. I try to respond to as many messages as possible.


You’ve emerged rapidly into the music scene, but you’re also an avid gamer with a huge buzz around your Fortnite Youtube videos. Tell us more about how these passions have intertwined and grown as your career continues to develop.

They’ve intertwined in the best possible way! I originally started making music because of gaming, and I also have discovered a ton of music through gaming. There is so much synergy between to the two worlds and I’m excited to see how I can continue to keep bringing them together. Many gaming + music projects on the way.


How have Graphic novels and Japanese manga inspired your lyricism? 

It hasn’t shaped the lyricism as much as the storytelling aspect. Being able to have the listener visualize or even feel the words that I say has definitely come from my love of books and characters.



As you continue to grow as an artist and build a community around your music, what are you hoping listeners will take away from your music?

Whatever their heart decides to take away. I leave it all up for interpretation. Seeing how different people interpret the meanings behind my songs has been one of my favorite parts.


You’ve been writing raps and poems since your childhood. Knowing what you do now about your career and successes as a creative, what would you say to your younger self? 

Absolutely nothing. The best thing you can do is learn through a journey. If I had all the cards at my disposal back then without it being a learning experience, I don’t think music would have had the same outcome for me.


As we enter our final months of 2022, do you have any goals or plans lined up for the next year? Anything exciting we can look forward to? 

Lots of Music, better Visuals, and Performances.


Romantic Homicide is out now, follow d4vd via @d4vddd


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