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3 Great Themes for a 40th Birthday Celebration

Are you in the process of planning a 40th birthday celebration for your significant other, close friend or family member and want to be sure it’s a party they don’t forget? A 40th birthday is a milestone event, so marking it with a spectacular party is quite common.

One of the best ways you can ensure the party is memorable is to choose a theme. This theme can then be used to help you choose the décor, the music, food, entertainment, and so forth. It acts as that element that pulls everything else together.

Read on for three great themes for a 40th birthday celebration.


Go for Elegance

While some themes are built around fun and excitement, they may not speak to everyone’s personality. For some, a more elegant and refined approach may be best. Elegant themes can include:

  • A black and gold party, all décor follows the colour theme and you can ask guests to dress in black and gold. This theme can also be changed to all white or silver – both of which have an elegant feeling.
  • A wine and cheese evening, making sure to only choose high-end varieties
  • A party of appetizers using in-season ingredients, exquisite plating, and unique recipes
  • A masquerade party, making sure to let guests know about the dress code in advance

Casino Night – It’s Popular for a Reason

Then we have the casino night theme, which has been popular for a long time. There is just something so glitzy, glamorous, engaging and fun about a casino theme that it is sure to push the birthday party to the next level. It’s also perfect if the guest of honour happens to be a fan of all things casino-related.

To pull this theme off flawlessly you’ll want to include casino games in the entertainment portion of the party. This could mean setting up table games or getting guests involved in the various online casinos. Online roulette Canada is a great example, as are things such as blackjack, poker, and slot machines.

A Sports Themed Bash – Play Into Their Passion

If the guest of honour loves sports, then this is another great theme idea. You can choose a particular sport, team, or player depending on their interests. This theme can then be carried throughout the décor (choose the team colours), the menu (serve what they would in the stadium or arena), entertainment (have a game playing on the television or radio), and you can even ask guests to purchase gifts that relate to the theme.

Make It a Character Party – Not Just for Kids

Character parties are popular for kids but there is no reason adults can’t find the same joy in them. The character could be broad like your “favourite superhero or more specific. Again, you can have guests take part by dressing up and making it special.

A Theme Will Help to Pull the Party Together

Choosing a theme for a 40th birthday party is a great way to create cohesion and purpose behind a party, which will ensure it’s successful.

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