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5 Most Stylish Characters in Online Games

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Plenty of online games have produced their fair share of stylish characters, mostly because they’re incredibly customizable.

Fortnite, League of Legends, and Overwatch all give you the ability to customize outfits, making it difficult to choose just one. For the purpose of this list, we’ll look at their original outfits in our decision of our 5 most fashionable characters.


Sombra – Overwatch

In the Overwatch universe, Sombra is one of the world’s most notorious hackers and hails from Dorado, Mexico. In her damage role, she uses stealth and debilitating attacks to confuse and incapacitate her opponents. Sombra uses her hacking skills to stop others from using their abilities, and her stealth skill turns her completely invisible to sneak up on opponents.

Playing true to her character, Sombra has a cyberpunk (the genre, not the game) vibe that starts from her detailed side cut to her ombre purple outfit. What I appreciate most about her design are her cybernetic fingers that look futuristic and serve as a handheld computer. Her futuristic angular design, coupled with the popped collar, gives her a significant cool factor.


Miss Fortune – League of Legends

With a name like Miss Fortune, you may think she has either a bad or good luck streak in online blackjack, but the bounty hunter herself is quite the scourge of the seas. A bounty hunter and captain of her own pirate ship, Miss Fortune is feared for her ruthlessness. Those who underestimate her based on looks are bound to get a bullet in the gut. 

Fitting with her pirate fame, Miss Fortune sports a large captain’s hat, a tubed top paired with ruffed cups that resemble a 14th-century blouse, and eccentric leather pants. What’s most striking about her is the knee-length red hair that follows the lines into her pirate boots. This stylish, sexy look fits her chaotic, femme fatale personality.


Bloodhound – Apex Legends

The technological tracker himself, Bloodhound, is known across the Outlands as one of the greatest game hunters in the Frontier. Although they’re a child of two engineers, he was taught the old ways by their uncle but ultimately incorporated technology during the hunt. They went on to destroy a giant Goliath that preyed on a local village.

When you think of stylish fit, maybe you won’t think of Bloodhound at first, but their effortless wildman esthetic actually looks like something you’d see on the runway. Their outfit is lined with pockets and tactical gear, but the yellow and green accents tie the outfit together in a modern way. Let’s not forget the breathing apparatus, safari hat, and giant goggles.


Agent 3 – Splatoon

Splatoon is an online shooter that has a standard Turf War mechanic where both teams try to hold possession of the level by spraying colorful ink. However, there isn’t a lot to be said about Agent 3 because their origins are shrouded in mystery. Agent 3 can be either male or female, and both have similar outfits with the exception of their hair and length of shorts. 

Both the male and female agent 3 look like they’re going to a rave thanks to their entirely black shorts, oversized jacket, distressed cape, and low cut sneakers that glow with yellow accents. While female agent 3 lets her tentacle hair loose, male agent 3 puts him up in a ponytail. To complete the outfit, both wear large cones to protect their ears.


Naga Siren – DOTA 2

The Naga Siren of the Slithereen race looks similar to Zoras of Legend of Zelda but more regal and intimidating. This Naga Siren commanded a battalion for many years and used her voice as her greatest weapon to defend against the Deep Ones. In the final battle of Crey, her honor was destroyed and now searches for the stolen chalice so she can return to her people.

While yes, the Naga Siren isn’t technically wearing much, her large crown of fins coupled with the orange accents of her scales make her stylish enough. Adding to her character concept is her blue and gold armor that hugs her waist and her matching tale of connecting scales. She also pierces her ears (holes?) with two subtle silver piercings on each side.


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