Things to consider if you’re getting married in 2021

2020 was a nightmare year for wannabe newlyweds and their wedding plans. From April of last year onwards, weddings of all shapes and sizes were cancelled en masse or condensed to nano-celebrations involving just a few people.

Unfortunately, 2021 hasn’t started much better, and COVID and the associated lockdowns are set to continue for some time yet. That means many couples are not only still waiting to enjoy their big day but have also had to reconsider the style and scale of their celebration. For those who have decided to get married later this year, there are some key considerations, good and bad, to take into account.

Smaller can be better

Right now, in the midst of an ongoing tier 4 lockdown, weddings are only permitted in “exceptional circumstances” with a maximum of six people allowed to attend. Even in the lower tiers (1 and 2), numbers only rise to 15 permitted at a reception.

The COVID enforced micro-celebrations of 2020 have both directly and indirectly led to an emerging trend of smaller wedding celebrations that is set to continue long into 2021 and beyond. But despite many of us growing up dreaming of a grand wedding day, this could be a good thing.

Of course, smaller celebrations appeal from a practical and safety standpoint in the current climate, but they’re also allowing couples to save a fortune compared to what they would have spent in normal conditions. Let’s face it, weddings cost an awful lot of money, much more than many can afford in most cases, and people are discovering they can still have the day they’ve always dreamed of – just on a much smaller scale.

Just think – the less you spend on the celebration itself, the more you can spend on the ring!


Summer is looking like a no-go

As we’ve already discussed, COVID, and the state enforced lockdowns, are unfortunately no where near over. With the post-Christmas spike and ensuing tier 4 lockdown ongoing indefinitely – not to mention a vaccine rollout that is predicted to complete in the back half of the year – much of 2021 is set to be lived under similar restrictions to the ones we faced in 2020.

Particularly for those who were and are planning larger celebrations still, spring and summer of 2021 are almost certainly off the table for weddings. That means you’d do well to start thinking about the prospect of an autumn or winter celebration, which could affect how and where you want to do things.


You’re definitely not the only one getting married this year

2020 has created a backlog of just about everything, and weddings are no exception. If you were hoping most people would shy away from booking their celebration in 2021 and instead wait for a later date – think again. Later in the year when restrictions are hopefully relaxed, expect to see an influx of weddings and competition for every venue on every weekend.

If you’re considering a 2021 wedding right now and are yet to put wheels in motion, you’d better start planning straight away to avoid disappointment, as you can be sure there are thousands of other couples out there who are keen to tie the knot before the year is over.

So, it looks like it’s going to be a busy second half of the year for the world of weddings, but in a different way than before. With smaller autumn and winter celebrations set to be the theme of 2021, will you be part of the action?

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