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5 Motorcycle Touring Tips for Beginners



If you’re thinking of going on a motorcycle tour adventure, then you should know a few things before you hit the road for the first time. We have made a list of tips on how to plan and prepare for your next touring trip. From a short trip to a long-distance one, here are 5 motorcycle touring tips for beginners.


1.   Type of Motorcycle

There’s no general answer to what type of motorcycle is best for you. It all depends on your personal preference, however, if you’re new to the motorcycle world, then you don’t need a big off-roader bike. Just make sure to find a good quality bike in a motorcycle company that has various types of bikes. For example, if you’re going on a long-distance trip, then you need a motorcycle that can be safely ridden with gear and luggage on. Also, don’t forget to check if it is comfortable for a long ride and can you put both feet on the floor when stopped.


2.   Security

One of the most important things about motorcycle touring is staying safe. Even if you’re on a holiday over a weekend in Budapest, you still have to take after your bike. Make sure to find a strong motorcycle lock and chain so you can relax while exploring the city. In addition, always leave your bike where there are a lot of people and secure it with a chain. Another tip is not to keep your ignition key and security lock key on the same key ring. You can also set your bike alarm just to make sure.

When looking for a hotel or a place to stay, choose a place that has a secure garage. Also, if you make a quick stop for lunch then park somewhere where you can see your motorcycle. Unfortunately, if your bike gets stolen, you should report it to the nearest police station immediately.


3.   Motorcycle Touring Gear 

In order to have a comfortable and safe ride, you must have the proper gear. It’s essential to have a motorcycle helmet that fits properly and is in great condition. Also, a helmet should be less than 5 years old. It’s not a must, but the full-face helmet is better for protection and safety.

Another important protection is a built-in sun visor or a visor that is already tinted and can allow you to drive in the sun. In addition, you should have a proper motorcycle jacket, boots, gloves, and trousers. If you’re planning to take a trip somewhere rainy, then you can purchase a waterproof suit. This way you don’t have to carry double waterproof jackets, boots, and trousers. Meanwhile, it is also imperative to prepare your bike before your ride. For instance, if you are using a dirtbike, adding graphics for dirt bikes can help increase visibility on the road and make you more visible to other drivers. It can help to reduce your risk of an accident. It can also make your bike look more stylish and appealing.


4.   Useful Things to Pack 

During your motorcycle touring, you should bring the essentials with you. Useful and important things are a first aid kit, emergency money, phone charger and powerpack. There are a lot of other motorcycle accessories you can bring with you, but these are the most essential ones. If you’re touring across Europe, don’t forget to pack your passport and carry it with you all the time. Also, bring travel insurance and vehicle registration documents.


5.   Budget 

Before you hit the road, it’s important to create a plan of your trip and budget. Consider things like fuel, tolls, tunnel costs, food, accommodation, insurance costs, and different activities, sightseeing, and souvenirs if you’re visiting a new country or a city.


So, if you want to ride across the country or do a weekend getaway, follow our 5 motorcycle touring tips for beginners in order to be ready and know how to prepare. Choose the right bike for you, take care of it and be smart about packing and bringing important things like passport and travel insurance. Enjoy traveling and experiencing touring life for the first time!



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