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After Years of Casual and Streetwear – Are Dress Codes on the Rise Once Again?

Love them or hate them, it looks like dress codes are on the rise again!

In the past few decades, clubs and casinos have relaxed their formal dress codes, allowing guests to enjoy their hospitality in casual wear. However, recent trends show that suits and ties are back in. Forget your denim. It’s time to take those heels back out of the box and dress up.

But, why are dress codes back in fashion? And where will you find these exclusive codes? We’ve explored this rise in popularity of dress codes and everything you need to know about them. It’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed, so keep reading to find out more!


The Decline of Dress Codes

Do you remember the last time you wore a suit and tie for an event? For many of us, getting all dressed up is a distant memory. Formal wear feels like a thing of the past, but things are slowly changing.

Many suggest that the decline in dress codes was due to working from home and the coronavirus pandemic. However the trend spans back to before this time. Think back to the 2000s, even in this decade, casinos and clubs boasted casual dress codes and a ‘come as you are’ attitude.

Punters and guests often enjoyed this lack of dress code, but for some, constantly donning informal wear is boring. Why wear the same outfit to the grocery store and on the dancefloor? Events and celebrations don’t always feel as unique without your finery.


Where Do You Need To Dress Up?

Dress codes are coming back, but where can you find these exclusive orders? Here are the top events that are bringing back dress codes.



Casinos have always been a place to see and to be seen. Between the high-rollers and the professional gamblers, there’s something special about dressing up for a casino visit.

It’s not just land-based casinos that offer the chance to get dressed up. Online casinos, specifically live dealer casinos, also provide the chance to put your best clothes on. Live dealer games bring the casino ambiance to your home, thanks to streams of professional dealers in their casino-appropriate suits. The best online casinos with live dealers are even based in real casino buildings. Many players adhere to the formal dress code, even when playing from home, as it means they can thoroughly enjoy the authentic casino feel.



Clubs have always been a place to be dressed up and show off your style. Whether you’re attending a private members club or the coolest dance club, these venues have always boasted stricter dress code rules.

Some clubs still allow relaxed dress codes, but many are getting stricter again. An excellent example of this are clubs with a ‘no sneakers’ policy. This ensures that all their guests are dressed in formal clothing, improving the ambiance and overall exclusive experience. Thinking of wearing jeans and a tee? You might want to quickly change before you leave the house!


Eating Out

Another location that sometimes requires a dress code is a restaurant. However, this doesn’t apply to all eateries, and often, it’s only necessary in high-end and exclusive locations. If you’re unsure whether the restaurant you’re attending runs on a dress code basis, explore their website and reviews before you visit.


Why Dress Codes Are On The Rise

Great, dress codes are on the rise! But, what are the reasons behind this trend?

Dress code culture could be due to the rise of Instagram and other social media apps. We spend hours watching what others are wearing and doing on these feeds. Thanks to Instagram, many of us are investing more in our clothes, which may have spurred dress codes back into popularity.

Another theory is that formal wear is simply coming back into fashion. Trend cycles move quickly, and perhaps the laidback casual trend is slowly ending. We might be seeing more heels and blazers from now on!

Finally, another argument in support of dress codes is that they make us feel good! Putting on nice clothes and doing your hair gives you a boost of self-esteem, so why not embrace these good feelings for awhile?


The Bottom Line

Dress codes suit some but are hated by others. However, it looks like they’re starting to come back for good! Next time you go for a night out, check to see if you’ll need to dress up. You don’t want to turn up in your casuals when there’s a dress code!




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