5 Top 2D Animation Production Companies [2024 Updated]

If you’re a tech startup and need an explainer, there’s a small chance that you’ll have a dedicated animation team to help you with that. In absence of in-house art talent, you now need a 2D animation production company to outsource the gig.

How do you pick the best 2D animation production company?

We’ll here are few tips to keep in mind;

  • Keep a close eye on client reviews for your chosen company
  • Ask what level of customization will you get with animation
  • Take a discovery call to see how they’ll communicate with you
  • Ask for pricing and match with other companies to get competitive discounts
  • Meet the team of artists and designers; Invest in an experienced and talented team

Now that you know how to pick your suitable 2D animation company, here is the list of five of the top 2D animation companies in 2024.

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Our first pick in the 2D animation industry is BuzzFlick. They’re a full-service video animation company. Headquartered in the US, BuzzFlick is an international animation company that has been a proud video partner for many notable brands in the SaaS and tech industries.

BuzzFlick is also known for its dedication towards elevating SaaS Startups as it creates thought-provoking explainer videos for them to drive intent, generate demand, and ultimately impact revenue outcomes.

BuzzFlick stands out on top of our list for its enticing 2D animated videos, and a highly talented team of animators and creatives that are eager to tell a brand story in a way that naturally resonates with the audience, while also showcases the animation talent of the artist.


Our next mention in the top 2D animation production companies for 2024 is SparkHouse. They’re a big name in the animation game. You must have already heard their name. SparkHouse presents itself as a full-service video company.

You can expect them to do anything from pre-production, production to post-production. Anything that goes in these phases, is an actual service you can acquire from SparkHouse.

What makes them truly stand out from the rest is their innovative spirit, and artistic talent that brings ideas to life in the most natural and seamless way anyone can think of. Some of the notable clients of SparkHouse include XFX, YouTube, AMD, Nissan, Honda Financials, Zodiac Aerospace and even Entrepreneur Magazine.

Shoot You

Our discussion can not move forward without mentioning this studio. Shoot You is one of the most renowned names in animated movies and film production. They’ve helped several small brands and big entertainment companies with eye-catching animation, and film heart-touching animated films.

Some of the top clients include BBC Studioworks, Allianz Insurance, GSK, UNHCR, UNICEF, Intel, Marks & Spencer and WHO.

Over the years, Shoot You have gained a distinctive brand identity with their fun-loving, and catchy animation style. As the brand name implies, Shoot You creates awe-inspiring animation that are meant to catch viewers off guard right from the bat. This studio is known for its unique style and personality in their videos.

You can ask them to create videos in any niche.

Without a doubt their unique personality in the animation game will charm your videos with concepts never seen before.

New to the 2D animated explainer videos? Find out what you can do with a dedicated 2D animation service.

Blu Blu Studios

Another notable mention in our list of top studios is Blu Blu Studios. Headquartered in Warsaw Poland, Blu Blue Studios are the biggest player in 2D animation in Eastern Europe.

Moreover, they also have an office in Chicago, US. That also confirms that they’ve a profitable international clientele that includes Microsoft Nickelodeon, Riot Games, The New York Times, Twitter, Forbes, Panasonic and many more from the Fortune 500 list.

When it comes to producing animation, there’s an entire range of services you can acquire from Blu Blu Studios. You can get 2D animation, 3D animated production, motion graphics, animated cartoons, TVCs, explainer videos, game animation, and pretty much anything you would to be animated for your brand.


Some of the top clients of Epipheo are Google, Microsoft, Epson, Cisco, US Bank and P&G. The list of their clients is exhaustive. They’re hands down one of the best 2D animation companies in the Northern region. Boasting a clientele of more than 3000 companies, Epipheo has made more than 5000 animated videos for brands of all scale and niche.

Epipheo also presents itself as a competent video marketing agency and you can ask them to churn in quality videos for any stage of your sales funnel.

Wrap up

Let’s wrap this one up. In this blog, we covered five of the best 2D animation production companies that are making waves in the animation landscape. We’ve also highlighted their unique selling proposition, and top clientele so you can navigate to the best 2D company for your niche.

Hope you got a nugget or two from this one!

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