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7 ways the internet has changed the world

You’re living in the internet age. The last 20 (or so) years will go down as one of the most transformative periods in history.

The internet has made the world a connected place, with instant information and instant access. Here are seven ways the internet has changed the world.



Travel used to be about discovering new places. Now, you can find out literally everything about a place before you book your tickets. You can even jump onto Google Maps and have a look at the street that your hotel is on. Flights are easy to book, hotels are even easier, and you can learn a language without attending a class. All of this makes travel easy but it does take some of the adventures out of it.



One of the most significant changes to our lives is in the form of entertainment. The idea of choosing between a couple of TV channels seems ridiculous now. With a subscription to Netflix and Amazon Prime, you could consume media constantly without ever running out of new things to watch. Entertainment is now immediate and plentiful. The only thing you have to do is choose something to watch.



Before the internet, you went to a casino to gamble and a bookmaker to place bets. Now, you can do all of that from your smartphone. Online casinos like have become even more popular than their land-based cousins.



Remember when you had to approach someone in a bar if you wanted to date them? The idea seems ridiculous (and frankly creepy) to the generation that has grown up with Tinder, Bumble, and other dating apps. Online dating has broken down the barriers of dating and made it possible for everyone to meet their special someone. Or at least that’s the idea. The jury is still out on whether or not it has worked.



Got a pain in your back? Feeling a headache coming on? Type your symptoms into Google and you could end up with a diagnosis that has you rushing to the emergency room. The internet has turned everyone into a doctor. While this probably annoys most medical professionals, it has increased the awareness of healthcare as a whole.



Arguably, the most significant change to our lives is the way we communicate. You can pick up your phone and instantly message someone that lives on the other side of the globe. That might seem normal to use but it was the stuff of science fiction 30 years ago. Instant communication has made it possible for everyone to stay connected. But some experts fear that loneliness has increased. Figure that one out.



The high street is dying. Online shopping has become the new norm. Order something online and you can receive it the next day. In fact, Amazon has even implemented same-day delivery in some parts of the world. On top of this accessibility, it has given businesses an amazing wealth of data on consumer habits. That means online shopping is being tailored to specific people.

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