Retrospective : Eva Green about Casino Royale


Whether you are a casino fan or not, you have certainly seen the mythical Casino Royale.

In 2006, Eva Green, the interpreter of Vesper Lynd, accepted to tell from the inside the adventure that would mark a turning point in her career. Here are a few chosen moments that will certainly make you want to play at the casino without swedish license; find here a great review for online casino players in the USA:


Casting on the run

At first not very enthusiastic about the idea of playing a Bond girl, but she realized Vesper wasn’t what you’d think. She got an appointment for the casting, which took place in Prague the next day, panicked she did not sleep all night. The tryout went well, but as soon as she landed back in New York, she received a phone call asking her to come back. Eva Green had to play a scene in an extremely professional atmosphere, and the young Frenchwoman was even more nervous because the team wanted to make sure she was fluent in English. Finally, three days later, the good news dropped: she was the one.


A week of preparation

Filming began in the Bahamas; during the first week, the future James Bond girl works hard on English to have a perfect British accent and specific phrasing. Vesper’s lines are full of puns. The first week is also devoted to costume testing.


Facing the press

The first scene took place in a recreated Venice in the Bahamas. When Eva arrived on set for a love scene, many paparazzi tried to shoot her in a swimsuit. Eva and Daniel Craig were the targets of a lot of gossips: it was said that Daniel does not know how to drive a car, he was criticized for being blond, and magazines claimed that the studio wanted to fire Eva Green because of her acting. Onset, reporters went by with a recurring question: “So, how does it feel to be a James Bond girl ?”

A cohesive team

Eva Green reported that Daniel Craig was very kind and fatherly to her. In Prague, the whole team stayed in a hotel for 2 months, which allowed its members to come together. Even though he knew exactly what he wanted, Martin Campbell trusted his actors and let them be. Eva Green said she was sad to leave everyone she bonded with on the last day. casino without swedish license


A physical shoot 

Eva Green found herself running in high heels, handling a gun, and shooting sequences underwater, a first for her! The end of the shooting was particularly intense because this was when the action scenes were filmed. Eva confided that she was unsure of herself during many scenes and asked for many extra takes, sometimes up to 30 or 40! Eva Green was deeply committed to Casino Royale!

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