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9 Best Natural Wedding Makeup Looks for Brides

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While some brides want full makeup on their wedding days, others would prefer to look as natural or close to natural as possible. Deciding to go with natural makeup looks can be a great idea, especially if this is not far from the everyday look you’re comfortable with. The good thing about natural wedding makeup is that it pairs well with almost any type of attire or style choice.

Once you’ve figured out the type of look that you want, the next thing is to find out how to achieve this.  Here we have a choice of tips and bridal makeup ideas that can get you on your way.


  1. Soft and Natural

If you’re going for a sleek natural look, then you might want to consider natural soft bridal makeup. Instead of the stark black eyeliner, you could go with a brown for softer and more neutral lines. You can still have a smoky eye, but it would be more subtle, paired with an elegant nude lip. This can be combined with a bronzy glow from neutral foundation and contouring that results in a softer and more skin like finish overall.


  1. Defined Eyes

The eyes give a lot of definition to the face. So, if you’re going for more simple wedding makeup, you could tone down everything else and work on defining the eyes. You could choose soft pink or nude shades for the lips, outlined in a similar shade. Then to balance that, draw attention to the eyes with winged eyeliner or full lashes. This can be achieved with mascara or fluffy falsies.


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  1. Warm & Glowy

Choosing natural makeup looks for a wedding can be determined by season of year. A summer wedding would be a great time for a warm and glowy look. Using a cream or liquid highlighter base before applying foundation can create the perfect amber glow for your face. Finish with the perfect shade of nude lipstick, preferably one that matches your skin tone; and you’ll have that elegant natural wedding makeup look.


  1. Dramatic Eye

It is possible to have a smoky eye or winged liner and still achieve the natural look that you desire. You can pair light wedding makeup, from neutral and minimal lip color, eyebrows and contouring, with soft but smoky eyeshadow. This will give you a look that is gorgeous but not heavy or overly dramatic. If you choose a winged liner instead, it will have a similar effect of highlighting the eyes to balance the overall minimalist look.


  1. Chic Contours

The cheekbones are also an important part of the face, and can be highlighted while achieving natural wedding makeup looks. Add pops of color to the face with blush of reddish pink. Remember to blend colors upwards toward the temples, using the liquid blush before finishing with the powder blush. The subtle undertones will add life to your face and uplift your overall wedding look.


  1. Subtle & Flirty

Simple makeup doesn’t have to be dull or unattractive. Whether you need dark or fair skin natural bridal makeup, you can achieve a lot by simply highlighting one or two important features. You could style your eyelashes to be fluffy and flirty with a tinge of color and keep the rest of the face more basic and in the nude. You could also stick with the eyes, using a soft and subtle eyeliner, and pair it with a pouty lip.


  1. Pink & Cheery

While choosing bride natural wedding makeup, it’s good to go with a specific color. For that natural look this could range from nude neutrals, to pastel pink, all the way to pinkish reds. For a pink and cheery look, you could try a barely there shade of pink or any shade that closely matches your skin tone. Use this for the lips, along with a subtle winged liner and light foundation for an effortlessly beautiful wedding look.


  1. Natural & Sweet

Monochromatic simple bridal makeup is another way to create that natural but sweet and polished look. A little bit of blush to highlight the cheekbones, with lip color in the same hue can go a long way. This natural and uncomplicated makeup will give you a subtle and yet radiant appearance that would feel as effortless as it would look. Light and fresh makeup that will allow your natural beauty shine through on a spring or summer’s day.


  1. No Makeup Look

The ultimate natural makeup look for a bride is the no makeup look. This makeup style choice calls for a lot of restraint in every aspect. You’ll need to apply very light foundation with barely there concealer. A bit of color on the lips and cheeks, skipping any lip liner, extra lashes or contouring. This is for the bride who wants to feel exactly like herself on her wedding day, while being absolutely radiant.

Sometimes pulling off natural wedding makeup can be even more difficult than going full glam. However, with some inspiration and style guides, you or your makeup artist would be more than prepared to create that natural look for your wedding day.


Author: Svitlana Yefimets

Svitlana is the chief editor and in control of all Wedding Forward content since 2017. She started writing in 2012. She is an expert in details concerning venues, gifts, ceremonies, music, and everything about real weddings. If you want to collaborate with us, send her an email. She spends her leisure tasting dishes, discovering new restaurants, and staying fit through yoga!

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