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A Beginner’s Guide To Using An Electric Mixer

When it comes to baking, it is all about using the right ingredients and following the right steps. However, when it comes to baking, you also need to own and use the correct equipment as well. There are a lot of basic tools to own, but if you are looking for your first baking appliance to purchase, you should consider an electric mixer.

An electric mixer is a fantastic piece of equipment which can help make mixing a lot easier and faster. When it comes to electric mixers, there are two types to consider. This includes a hand electric mixer or a stand mixer, like the KitchenAid Artisan Series 5-Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer – KSM150PS. Both objects come under the electric mixer term.

We have created this beginners guide, so you can know how to use an electric mixer properly.

Hand Or Stand Mixer

Hand mixers and stand mixers are the two types of electric mixers that you can come across. There isn’t much that sets these two pieces of equipment apart, except that one is much larger than the other.

A hand mixer usually only has one attachment, and you have to physically move the base to mix your ingredients, while the attachment spins around. Yet, with a stand mixer, the device is rooted in one spot. You remove the bowl that comes with the mixer and add in your ingredients, and then secure it back into place. A number of attachments are often provided, and when you turn the mixer on, you don’t have to do anything.

A stand mixer is more suited for those of you that are passionate about baking. It is also sought after if you regularly make your own bread and different types of pastries and doughs. A hand mixer is better for beginners who are still mastering cakes and cookies.


Use The Correct Attachment

For an electric mixer, the most basic attachment you will use will look like a whisk. You’ll use it, most frequently, for beating butter or egg whites.

A hand mixer usually only comes with this attachment, and there will be two whisk-like attachments for you to add to the base of the machine. While on a stand mixer, you may receive various attachments that you can use.

On a stand mixer, you may receive an attachment that resembles a metal hook. This dough hook will assist you in kneading harder doughs, such as those for pandesal, cheese rolls, and cinnamon rolls. The majority of the kneading will be done for you, even if you still need to do a little by hand.


Put The Whisks In Your Batter Before You Start

This has to be the most frequent error individuals can make when operating an electric mixer. You are probably not setting the whisk heads in the bowl and into the ingredients before turning on the mixer. Usually, if you have ever tried to whisk ingredients and got a puff of flour directly in your face or had the item fly up and out of the bowl, then this is a sign you have done something wrong.

Before starting the machine, make sure the whisks are fully immersed in the batter or other ingredients in the bowl. Otherwise, you risk getting a face full of flour. Which then causes a lot of mess for you to clean up.


Increase Speed Slowly

When using any type of electric mixer, it is important to start off on the lowest speed and slowly increase the speed if necessary.  This will not only prevent you from getting a face full of ingredients, but it will also give the ingredients more time to combine properly. It also helps you to prevent over mixing as well.


Cleaning Your Mixer

Never submerge the whole mixer in hot water. When it comes to cleaning your electric mixer, all you need to do is remove the attachments and clean them and the bowl. Wash these elements in hot soap water. 

If the base of your electric mixer is dirty, then you should wipe it over with a damp cloth and dry it.


Final Thoughts

Electric mixers are a really useful piece of equipment to have if you enjoy baking. There are two types for you to choose from and both have many benefits. With your electric mixer, you can now progress in your baking journey.

By following our guide, you will be able to use your electric mixer with confidence, knowing that you are doing everything right.

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