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What do people around the globe eat for breakfast?


Practically every culture in the world eats some form of breakfast every day. Maybe some even eat some form of breakfast multiple times every day.

There are breakfasts of all different sorts in the world. They vary wildly as you jump from country to country, even jumping wildly across a single country. The meal you eat for breakfast in Casino Red in Vegas is probably very different from what people eat for breakfast in, say, Boston.

There are so many meals in the world that some people might not even think of in their entire life. It’s really interesting if you think about it.

So many flavors, textures, and recipes that to the people living somewhere might be mundane and boring but could be the most exotic meal someone else has ever eaten.

There are people in the world who might not have even had a waffle or even pancakes. And yet even more who have never had Naan bread, even though it’s an incredibly popular dish in certain parts of the world.

The world is an interesting place.



You might have heard of an English breakfast at some point. It isn’t just a name for any breakfast eaten in England. Although that would technically still be true if it was used that way.

English breakfast is specifically a breakfast consisting of usually sausage, fried or sunny side up eggs, beans, toast, hash browns, and a cup of tea of course. A diverse and filling breakfast to start the day, with a small dose of caffeine already included!



Naan bread is easily among the most popular breakfasts in Iran. Naan bread is a very thin bread that’s usually cooked in oil in a pan instead of backed in an oven. Or more traditionally, stuck to the inside of clay oven walls until it’s cooked. A pretty interesting way of cooking bread that includes a pretty good flavor. Especially when made over an open flame.

Naan is usually eaten for breakfast with butter or jam. Like toast for more western folk.

Halim is another popular Iranian breakfast food, it’s a mixture of wheat, cinnamon, butter, and sugar cooked with meat. Kind of like meaty oatmeal.



The Philippines has a lot of tropical fruit in it that grows almost year-round. Because of this, a very common breakfast item is just fruit of some kind.

It makes sense as it’s a very cheap source of food, as you can just pick it from one of the many trees that grow around.



Germany is known for sausages, schnitzel, and cheeses. It’s not surprising then that a lot of breakfasts there are usually two out of three of those.

Usually sausages and some form of local cheese. Probably an appetizing meal.



France is famous for its croissants and that’s why it’s of no surprise that many french people enjoy a nice croissant for breakfast in France. It can be eaten plain or served with a large variety of things.

From plain butter to use as the bread of a sandwich. The possibilities are as endless as your cupboard.



Swedish people enjoy a breakfast food known as Pannkakor. Pannkakor is something very similar to French crepes, usually served with something sweet like cream or fruit.



Turkey keeps it simple with a variety of cheeses, a handful of olives, some hard-boiled or scrambled eggs, a few fresh tomatoes, and some cucumbers. All served with some jam, honey, or butter.

Seems like a breakfast fit for a king.



Australia is famous for its Vegemite. Vegemite is a thick brown goopy stuff made from leftover yeast. It’s mixed with certain vegetables and spices to made it somewhat palatable.

It is a very acquired taste, where you either love it or despise it. There is nothing in between.

Australians enjoy slathering perfectly fine toast with Vegemite and eating it. Some would say that everything in Australia is trying to kill you. And I would say that that it includes the breakfasts.

On the complete opposite spectrum, Australians also cover plain white bread (called Wonder Bread) with butter or margarine and then put sprinkles on it and call it a party.



A popular breakfast dish in Thailand is a type of fish cooked with mint and served on rice. It’s a simple dish that can be reheated easily. Probably the reason it’s a very popular choice for breakfast.



Egypt has a popular dish known as Foul Madamas that’s usually made with Fava Beans, Chick Peas, hard-boiled eggs, and lemon and garlic. It’s spiced with a few things like cayenne pepper and some olive oil usually to give it some more depth.


The United States

The United States staple breakfast is unarguably pancakes. Little circular disks cooked in a pan and usually topped with maple syrup, butter, and sometimes fruits.

They can be eaten in a stack or singular and are a staple way to start your day for many people across the United States.



While there are many popular breakfast items in Mexico, one of the most popular is Huevos Rancheros. It’s an incredibly simple dish, probably one of the reasons that it’s such a popular breakfast choice.

All you need to make it is a tortilla, some warm salsa, and a fried egg. That’s it. It’s quick, simple, easy, and delicious. Recommend it.


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