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A Complete Guide to Finding Good Quality Marijuana Seeds

Considering all the potential benefits marijuana has to offer, a number of people hope to take advantage of the possibilities. That said, marijuana not readily available in all areas, and finding the perfect strain to address certain issues isn’t always easy. Because of that, many people have decided to try their hand at growing it at home. Growing cannabis can certainly be a beneficial endeavor, as it allows people to choose the strains they want and gives them ultimate control over its cultivation.

Of course, several factors go into growing high-quality marijuana in a home-based garden. It’s really not an overly demanding crop. In fact, some strains grow wild, simply springing up wherever they please. Those that are intentionally cultivated and don’t need a great deal of time and attention. Still, the more a grower puts into a crop, the more he or she will reap as a result. 


Getting High-Quality Marijuana Seeds

No matter which strains a grower is looking for or what the growing environment will be, the key to growing an impressive crop of marijuana is finding good weed seeds to get the process started. Without high-quality seeds, the size and potency of the buds produced may not live up to a grower’s expectations. That’s the case no matter how much care he or she gives the plants. Keep the following points in mind while searching for the right seeds. 

Selecting a Strain

Based on a recent write-up, more than 700 strains of marijuana are now available, and the list continues to grow. These include Indicas, Sativas, and a variety of hybrids. They contain varying amounts and ratios of CBD and THC, and they generate different effects.

Consider researching different strains to find one that’s likely to provide the desired effects. Read seed banks’ descriptions of their strains, the impacts they have, and their flavor and aroma profiles. Delve into medical reports that discuss the benefits and disadvantages of various strains as well. Those efforts will aid in selecting which strains to choose for growing.


Choosing Regular, Feminized, or Autoflowering Varieties

After selecting the right strain to grow, or strains as the case may be, it’s time to decide which types of seeds to buy. For cannabis, the choices are regular, feminized, or autoflowering seeds. Generally speaking, both regular and feminized seeds grow while they’re receiving long hours of blue light. When daylight hours wane and the type of light they receive transitions to the red and orange end of the spectrum, they begin to flower. Autoflowering seeds, on the other hand, flower according to their age. 

On a different note, feminized seeds only produce female plants. Regular seeds are often said to produce more potent buds, but they can grow into either male or female plants. That means the grower will have to pay close attention to the crop and weed out all male plants. Otherwise, they’ll pollinate the female plants and bring about a crop of seeds rather than juicy, powerful buds.


Growing Environment

It’s also important to consider the environment in which the plants will grow. Not all areas provide the ideal growing environment for all strains of cannabis. Take time to research the specific needs of various strains and weigh those against the typical temperatures, rainfall amounts, humidity levels, and growing seasons of the growing area. For those who will be growing indoors where outdoor conditions aren’t relevant, understanding those factors will aid in cultivating a healthy, high-yield crop. 

Cultivating the Best Cannabis Crops

Those are some of the factors involved in finding the right weed seeds to grow a healthy crop. Think about the amount of time and work involved in cultivating different strains, and keep seed types in mind along the way. From there, be sure to get those seeds from a well-established, highly regarded seed bank to ensure they’re of the highest possible quality.

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