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A day the life of celebrities; Celebs and gambling

An introduction to the world of gambling


Gamblilng is a very unique experience that has been around for a great deal of thousands of years. Archeologists found remains of gambling-related “tools of the trade,” like dice and many more, that  can date back to ancient Rome, and even ancient China. Some believe that some sort of gambling has been around for much longer than that. The most impressive part of it all is that it all stuck around for so many years, without any interest towards it whatsoever getting lost in time, quite the contrary actually.

It’s almost as if it’s hard-wired into our brains to enjoy the thrill and entertainment that comes with putting wagers on expected outcomes. Gambling was not always based on money. Sometimes personal belongings are used as bets too. In the past, farmers used to wager their animals or crops. Nowadays we even hear of people who wagered their vehicles or even houses, or other personal belongings.

It seems that as time has passed, gambling seems to have moved forward along with us and increased up to an extent where it has become one of the most popular, highest earning industries all over the world. It is said that more than half of the world’s population gamble in some way or form. Some do it more intensely than others, as it is a highly addictive experience, and not everyone has the capability of keeping control of their urges and sticking to a limit, or simply cashing out while they’re at an advantage, to not risk losing what they have just won.


Celebrities & The Casino

We all know that casinos are the most popular places to gamble. Not only do you have a wide variety of games to play and gamble on, but you also find yourself amongst a particular environment filled with excitement, thrill, abundances of money and pure all out luxury. This makes the casino an unmissable stop for rich and famous celebs who have all the free time in the world and have more money in their pockets than they could possibly ever spend on anything they could make use of. It’s also popular for celebrities to play their casino games on the internet nowadays, on a wide selection of casino games online like casinotop and more.

However, just as there has been so many positive outcomes from celebrity casino visits, we have also seen a fair share of really bad gambling addictions that got ugly, causing famous people to come out of the casino not with a big load of winnings, but a hard-learned lesson, big fund losses, and even a black eye in some cases.


Celebrities who have admitted to bad gambling habit experiences


Floyd Mayweather Jr.




Floyd “MONEY” Mayweather, also known as the richest athlete on the planet and one of the most undisputed professional boxers in the world, might not have been seen around casinos so very often, however, it’s very well known that he has quite the unhealthy knack for sports betting. Even though he was recently reported to have won $3,000,000 USD through a bet on a college football match, his gambling life surely wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. According to a number of sources, Mayweather regularly bets up to $400,000 USD on every sporting event he intrigues in. It’s also said that in 2017, he had bet $10,000,000 USD on the Denver Broncos winning the super bowl, which was later won by the New England Patriots. His ex-wife also mentioned that she was forced to drop off $700,000 USD for him to cover a bet he had placed. His gambling addiction was also pointed out by Conor McGregor, during their pre-fight face off in Las Vegas. Quite ironic how all these losses didn’t really make much difference for a man who earned $300 million per fight and has a net worth of $450,000,000 USD.


Michael Jordan


Picture 3


Michael Jordan might just be the best basketball player to ever set foot in the professional courts. He became so popular that Nike created his own clothing line and “Nike Jordan” has become one of the most popular lines in the world of branded sports clothing. However, he could only wish that his gambling experiences were as successful as his other life experiences. His addiction was first displayed when he admitted to losing $165,000 USD at Atlantic City, during the year 1993. Jordan is also very enthusiastic towards playing poker, even though he might have not won so much during his past. He even occasionally gambles with celebrity friends like Charles Barkley and Tiger Woods in friendly golf games. It’s said that one time Michael lost $1,250,000 USD to Richard Esquinas, a San Diego based business man, during a game of golf. There’s also a rumor going around that his gambling addiction was the reason why he is now retired from basketball.

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