Adam Kelly | “Let Me Love You” | Premiere

On “Let Me Love You,” singer/songwriter Adam Kelly is embracing a new sound.

The 25-year-old South East London artist is all about capturing exactly what he’s feeling — and doing so with a similar suave and swagger as the pop greats before him, like Elton John, Harry Styles, and Bruno Mars. Music has encompassed his life since he was young, combing through his parents’ collection featuring Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye and, eventually, finding his own artists to obsess over, like Charlie Puth and Justin Timberlake. Now, with the release of his forthcoming EP, he unveils his lead single “Let Me Love You” to usher in a new sound.

“When choosing the lead single for this upcoming EP, ‘Let Me Love You’ felt like the best way to introduce this new sound and chapter that I’m embarking on,” he explains. “I often describe myself as a hopeless romantic and this song certainly reflects that. We all have felt unrequited love at some point I’m sure, and we’ve all hopelessly tried to chase it! This song captures that feeling, and feels to me like it’s something fresh, yet still in cohesion with what ‘Adam Kelly’ is all about.”

The 5-track EP, which is out later this year, was produced by emerging talent Jack Ducker (Lovelle, Saint Joshua, Darco Recordings/Warner Records), with “Let Me Love You” giving everyone a taste of what listeners can expect from the future pop sensation. And with the new EP comes a promise of live shows later this year so audiences can see exactly how Kelly captures the same essence as the aforementioned greats in his live act.

“Let Me Love You” is out now.

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