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All About Hip Hop Grillz: The Funky trend you should jump on

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When I say Grillz, I am by no means talking about the grills you know in the kitchen, and definitely not grizzly bears. Grillz here, alternatively called fronts or grills are the jewelry pieces rappers often wear on their teeth.

You can even call them hip-hop Grillz because you find them more in the hip-hop community than anywhere else, although they are fast becoming mainstream.

Whether or not you’re a hip-hop fan, you might be interested in learning about Grillz. This post will give you the 411 and answer all your questions about Grillz.


What Are Grillz?


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Grillz are fake teeth covers popularly made of diamond or gold, but can be made from other jewelry materials. Silver and brass Grillz are becoming popular, but brass has been known to turn green over time.

Although they might seem fresh and new, Grillz has been on the scene for decades. If you remember Flava Flav of the Public Enemy from the 1980s, you’ll find that he had gold Grillz on his teeth. Other rappers of the 2000s, such as Ludacris and Lil Jon tended towards flashier Grillz with diamonds.

Grillz was initially created to hide broken front teeth, and also as a sign of status, wealth, and stylish creativity. They can be temporary teeth covers or permanent teeth replacements, depending on your needs.

How cool is it to have diamond or gold in your mouth, whatever the reason might be?

Grillz has come a long way from being the temporary or permanent teeth replacement or addition. Now, they can be swapped in a twinkle of an eye, and you can have as many of them as possible so that you change them whenever you want.


Choosing Grillz for Your Teeth

If you want to jump on the grillz trend, you have several contributions to make. They include:



Different Grillzs have different makeup and production processes. While some incorporate only stones, some others come with moissanite to protect the stones. Another option is a diamond-cut silver grillz created with metals cut in the appearance of a diamond.

Your Style

Grillz can be flashy or understated, depending on your preference and choice of style. Choose between pure metal constructions or iced-out pieces and get the one that best suits you.


Grillz can be quite expensive; especially those made of real diamonds. If you want to get grillz on a budget, get the one with moissanite, which are lab-created stones that look just like diamonds and can even pass diamond testing. They are more affordable and long-lasting.


We have the Best Grizzls for you

Visit us at Harlem Bling for your teeth grillz made of solid silver or moissanite.

Our silver grillz will last for many years without fading or tarnishing, just as our grillz with moissanite is as realistic and beautiful as real diamonds. We also create grillz with man-made diamonds inlay.

You will find a large selection of grillz in different styles, ranging from gap grillz to single-tooth caps and complete top and bottom sets.

Whether you want diamond-cut grillz, pure silver, gold over silver, or even low-key grillz without ornaments, we have them all!

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