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Apple Music Vs SoundCloud: Which is best music Streaming Platform

Technology has revamped the way we listen to music. With new and innovative ways to listen to our favorite tracks, promote musical pieces and discover new content, we have many choices.

With so many tracks released worldwide every day, it is impossible to keep track and listen to them. This issue regarding access to unlimited music is where music-playing platforms come into the picture. They allow you to access and enjoy high-quality music from across the world; however, it is crucial to understand and appreciate all our options for making the right choice. Two names that are synonymous with being high-quality musical platforms are Apple Music and SoundCloud. Users can listen to music and promote their creations on apple music and SoundCloud when they found the best sites to buy SoundCloud plays. Through proper steps, users can also increase their audiences on Apple Music and SoundCloud with increased followers and increase plays on Soundcloud.



Both the platforms are music platforms. However, Apple Music goes a step ahead of SoundCloud. The platform, which was first released to offer music services, has evolved to include music videos. Thus apple music has more options for artists to showcase their content in different formats. You are sure to give more attention if you see a good video along with a soundtrack; therefore, Apple Music scores more than Soundcloud. However, if you don’t have a video for your track but want to gain engagement on SoundCloud, you can always buy SoundCloud plays and increase plays on Soundcloud.


It is only human to run out of songs on a playlist curated by ourselves. Therefore having the luxury of significant recommendations that suit our tastes is very important. Both platforms offer suggestions to their users in different ways. While Apple focuses on offering playlists curated by professional curators rather than AI’s, SoundCloud recommends music based on what a user is currently listening to or has listened to previously. While Apple Music has a thriving library of over 50 million songs, SoundCloud boasts a music library with over 125 million songs on its platform.

Apple’s method enhances the overall music experience, and you have the option to hear and dishearten songs for the platform to understand your preferences. However, a feature that SoundCloud offers that needs to be mentioned is that it allows users to subscribe to their favorite artists on the platform and notifies them when they upload a new track.

Quality of music:

A very vital aspect while comparing any musical platform is the quality of music content it offers its users. Apple Music offers many songs and tracks to its users, but its audio fidelity is also around 256kbps AAC. SoundCloud too provides similar quality to its users. Therefore sound quality turns out to be a level playing field for the two platforms.


Exclusive features:

What sets these two platforms apart are the exclusive features these two offers to their users. Apple prides itself on offering exclusive content through exclusive album releases, music videos, and documentaries not available on any other platforms. It also provides a Family Sharing feature to its users, which allows up to 6 members to share access to Apple Music. Another feature that sets Apple Music apart is that it is available on multiple platforms and devices. It works well with iPhone, iPad, Android, Apple products, PC, Amazon Echo, and many more. Even though SoundCloud does not offer family sharing features yet, users can upload files using their unique URLs for easy sharing via social media apps. It is available in a mobile and desktop version.


The pricing of both the music platforms and their plans and packages are very different. While Apple Music offers free subscriptions for three months, subscribers can enjoy continued services of the platform by paying $9.99 a month. SoundCloud, on the other hand, provides a free package to its users. Even though users will be bombarded with ads, yet they can enjoy the platform for free. Apart from that, the app comes with multiple plans for artists and listeners in SoundCloud Go or SoundCloud Go+ for listeners at USD 4.99/month and Pro Unlimited with access to Repost by SoundCloud at $144/ year and Repost by SoundCloud at $30/year.


Interaction and networking:

With Apple music, you can directly engage with the Artists when they post about their upcoming music, ideas, and latest releases. However, SoundCloud being a more artist-centric platform, allows users to connect with people with similar tastes in music via comments and followings. Users upload their creations on SoundCloud and stand a chance to connect, collaborate and engage with similar artists across the globe. This feature allows users to gain followers and popularity more organically on SoundCloud as against Apple Music. Apart from that, many companies provide users with the optionto buy SoundCloud plays and increase plays on Soundcloud


We hope the comparison highlights some key aspects to consider while selecting the ideal music platform. With different pros and cons, each platform has something unique to offer.







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