Are online casinos & casino games rigged?

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Fortunately for players the online casino industry is, in most cases safe, secure and fair but it is very important, though, to be aware that illegitimate casinos exist and can make customers live a terrible experience.

If you are conscious of this and have the right information to avoid getting caught up in these unfair sites, you will enjoy a safely gambling experience.

So let´s start from the beginning saying that the best way to avoid being scammed is to always play at safe online casino. These sites have already been tested by real players and each one of them reach high quality standards together with fair games and trustworthy real money withdrawals.

On this review article, we will try to answer the most common issues every player wants to know regarding security and fairness, before they start depositing their money into casino accounts. Hopping you find clear answers and be aware of the most common scams.


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Are online casinos rigged?

If they work with trustworthy software providers you can rest assured that you will be playing fair games and that your winning chances are set up randomly. Most regular player already know this, and can distinguish very well which are the companies that create rigged games, but if you are not one of them, and you are new in the game, here´s some useful information you must have.

There are some companies which have proved to be safe and offer fair gamming software and which won ´t work with illegitimate casinos at all. Some of the most popular ones are Playtech, Microgaming and NetEnt. This means that choosing an online casino which works with any of these software providers, is a safe decision to make.

One of the most important things to know is that if you don t get to see those names on the casino´s website homepage, you can email any of them and ask them if the casino you have chosen is working with their software.

Is online blackjack fair then? As we said, these companies are one of the top-rated ones regarding blackjack software. Each provider will offer different variations though, but choosing blackjack sites supported by these companies will ensure honest pay outs and fair games.


Do online casinos cheat?

Some of them do, of course. This is why knowing where to choose from and playing only at recommended sites is the best way to avoid getting scammed. Let´s see know one of the most common online casino scams and how to prevent yourself from being fouled.

To know how to play safely let ´s see how do online casinos work. If you have been at a traditional “brick and mortar” casino, you will find them quite the same in many ways. Obviously, when we talk about pay out and personal information, the online version, turns much riskier if you don´t play at safe sites.

Anyway, the procedure is quite easy, you will login as usual, using a username and a password and afterwards you will be redirected to a homepage where you will be able to choose from a list of several games to play with. What comes next is to make a deposit.

This is when you should start paying attention, don´t start with a big amount of money and read every available review first. Because unlike traditional casinos, you will find it impossible to get your money refund if you do not check out this first.

Do not give out your money if you don t see any welcome bonuses (very common at legit casinos) or if they ask you to deposit a very large amount of money to start playing. Also, if you are allowed to use a different kind of deposit method rather than a credit card, always choose that option as well.

As boring as it seems, always read the terms and conditions before agreeing when you sign in.


Are online casinos fair?

In short, if you want to play safely and enjoy your time, we suggest you make your choice within the list of the top-rated online casinos everyone recommends. Sticking to these secure options will ensure you a pleasant and joyful experience with no trouble at all.



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