Art and Gaming: Artistry in the Brave New World of Online Slots

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The top-tier video game developers have always kept an eye on the aesthetics of the video games they have produced. From early examples such as The Legend of Zelda by Nintendo to Elden Ring by the developers at FromSoftware, how a game looks always has been and always will be important.

The past five years has witnessed a resurgence among single-player games with unique and enthralling stories. As we head deeper into the 2020s, we are also seeing a boom in the popularity of online gaming, more specifically, slot machines of the online variety.


Developing New Online Slot Machines

Gone are the old days where slot machines consisted of several fruits and few paylines and trigger points. The newest online slot machines, or video slots as they are commonly known, offer different gameplay types, volatility levels and features which utilise state of the art technology. The online slots industry is an industry worth billions and the development companies behind the games have a lot of money to spend.

In recent years, these same development companies have begun recruiting developers from AAA video game companies, such as Rockstar North, such is their pulling power and ambition where their slot games are concerned. Developers are doing their utmost to create a new era within the gambling industry, where slot machines can be played for reasons other than simply to win money.

Many of the best slots in 2023 are able to take players to new realms, new planets and even transport players back in time. From Roman and god themed slots to games set in outer space or in different universes altogether, the newest slots have the same graphics and thoughts behind them as you will get from console games. The character and background art and design in online slots is one of the first things players look for when they are on the lookout for the newest sites to play slots. It is for this reason why developers now put more focus on developing high-quality artwork to be used as a blueprint for new games. This includes unique characters, exceptional uses of colour and improved textures which help to draw the player in.

The biggest names in the online video slots development include NetEnt, Red Tiger and Big Time Gaming, and each of them have explained in the past that all development of their games begins first with the design and theme. Some of the most popular and unique slots of all time have utilised original themes. For example, the Rainbow Riches series of online slot games consist of well over 20 different games now, and revolve around an Irish mythology theme. Although the theme has helped to ensure the success of the Rainbow Riches games, an awful lot of it has also come down to the modern features.

We spoke with Stephen Cummings, the slots analyst of the popular slots comparison website, SlotsHawk works with dozens of the top slots developers in the United Kingdom.

“Slots developers in 2023 take their jobs extremely seriously. It’s not just about designing and releasing as many slot games as possible anymore.

“The competition is fierce, so the companies know how important it is to create games of substance and value.

“I think what we see now are slots which have a lot of effort and sincerity put into them. The best modern slot games come with incredible themes and graphics as well as numerous features and interactive bonus games.

“I know from experience that slots developers have often graduated from University after having studied graphic design degrees, computer science degrees and in several cases, fine art degrees.”

Where gaming and art as a mix are concerned, it seems to be the case that slot games are one of the pioneers ushering their games into a brave new world or art and gaming. However, the advancements in technology are also pushing the industry forward to greater heights.


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Technology in Modern Slot Games

Modern slot games are built using the ultra-modern HTML5 platform. This allows them to be played on smart devices such as smartphones and tablets. Furthermore, it means that developers can ensure that the games they build can rival AAA video games in terms of the quality of their graphics and design, as well as gameplay. In fact, most online gamers who play slots do so on their mobile phones. Mobile gaming is the most popular form of gaming in 2023, and much of that audience consists of slot players.

In general, game development is utilising aesthetics with appearance in order to hopefully create something which is both original and able to occupy and hook the player.


The Art of Animation

Animation is what brings game characters to life. Nobody knew this better than Walt Disney and the same ideas now occupy the minds of video game developers. Art can be brought to life via computers, making games much more unique and more engaging for gamers. To use the Rainbow Riches example again, the slots in that collection utilise a leprechaun character which accompanies the player during gameplay. In 2023, such a character is easy to create and animate, but it brings a lot to the gameplay.

Motion technology can be used to capture real-life movements which can then be incorporated into the game character. Keyframing is also sometimes used which entails a succession of frames which defines the characters movement over time. Developers are creating and discovering more and more ways to make their slots increasingly enjoyable for their players.


The Role of Art in Modern Games

As we have explained, the role of art remains as important as ever in video games. As technology continues to develop, the likelihood is that art will continue to play an essential role. In conclusion, there are plenty of online slot sites in 2023 which even offer artwork to their loyal players which consists of some early drawings and sketches from popular slot games. Slot sites are trying their hardest to interact with players on a more consistent basis in the same way that a AAA video game company will always look to stay in touch with their fans.

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