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Art in the Digital World

When we think of art, we often think of masterpieces such as The Mona Lisa, The Last Supper – and maybe even Michelangelo’s David or Banksy’s world-famous graffiti. However, like most things in life, art has also started to move into the digital world – and has evolved massively over the past few decades.

What used to be dodgy pixelated pictures is so much more now…

The Evolution of Digital Art

When we say ‘Digital Art’, what do we mean? Well, it includes all different mediums. There are digital paintings, animations, 3D models – and graphic designers who spend ages perfecting the way something looks on our computer screens. What’s more, because the technology they use is getting better all of the time, the work they are coming out with keeps on improving.

There are digital artists who can now create some of the most beautifully intricate pieces of art you can imagine and some of these can rival some of the most well-known masterpieces out there.

One of the beneficiaries of this has to be the world of video games. The designs, graphics and animations are now so realistic and incredible, it is just like watching a movie.

The Role of Skins in Gaming

Game designs aside, top games like CS and Rust also have skins, which are a type of digital art that lets you customise the appearance of your in-game characters, weapons, and various other items. They are now a massive part of the gaming experience – giving players a way to express their individuality and simply making the game even more visually enjoyable.

In RUST, skins are now playing an increasingly important role in the whole player experience. The game’s survival theme, in its iconic post-apocalyptic world, is complemented by all sorts of different skins, ranging from gritty and realistic to arty and fantastical. These skins not only look great, a fashion of sorts, but they can even create a sense of community and economy within the game. You can trade skins with others – and even take part in a Rust PvP case battle where you go head-to-head with other players to win potentially valuable skins.


RUST Skins – A Work of Art

RUST skins come in all different styles and themes. Some skins stick closely to the game’s survivalist aesthetic – with designs that include rust, dirt, wear and tear. Others are a lot more creative, coming in all sorts of colours with different patterns and adding a little imagination and flair. As such, players can choose skins that reflect their own tastes and styles – adding a little personalisation to the whole experience.

One thing that really makes Rust stand out, though, is that anyone can try their hand at creating Rust art. Facepunch Studios actually allows players to get creative and submit their own skin designs – and if they are good enough, they could even be added to the game. This not only adds to the diversity of available skins but also encourages players to get arty themselves.


Real World Value

However, what really does make it stand out now is that the sale and trade of RUST skins has created a proper digital economy. You can buy, sell, trade, and even gamble on skins now –  where their value can fluctuate based on not just what they look like but how rare and in demand they are. Essentially, players could even profit from these artistic creations.

Players are now starting to see these skins as actual valuable assets. They even possess a real-world value – and the most valuable skins can literally be sold for thousands.

Art in the digital world is always pushing boundaries – with technological advancements helping to move it forward. Rust skins are now not only assets that make your gaming more personal, but they can be a great way to express your individuality – and, like all art, if you manage to get your hands on a masterpiece, it could be worth a fortune!

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