Azul Kechi

Some artists have a unique ability to transcend boundaries, captivating listeners with their extraordinary talent and distinctive vision. Azul Kechi, the enchanting artist behind the mesmerizing new track “Crazy Dreams,” is undeniably one of those rare gems. With a voice that seems to come from another dimension and a passion for storytelling that knows no bounds, Azul Kechi is redefining the music landscape with her magnetic presence and soul-stirring compositions. Azul Kechi is not just an artist; she’s a dreamweaver, and her new song “Crazy Dreams” is your invitation to step into her world.

In conversation with 1883, Azul Kechi chats about her new single, her inspirations, and more.


How would you describe the way you’ve grown as an artist since releasing your first single?

The first single release was a huge step for me. ‘Azul’ came out last September, and in what is just under a year, I feel like mentally I have grown so much. Before the first song was released, I had no idea what the response would be like and had never released music before. So now, 5 singles and many radio plays, playlist placements, and blog posts later, it is a really surreal feeling to go from nothing at all to your music reaching people all over the world and hearing it being played on radio stations you’ve grown up listening to. I feel really grateful that my journey has been able to start off like this.


Your new single is ‘Crazy Dreams.’ What was the writing process like for this song? 

Crazy Dreams had a really fun writing process. I was in London, while my producers, Eraserhood Sound, were in Philadelphia, US. We hopped on FaceTime and we just jammed. Max and Vince were playing around with cool chord sequences and sweet basslines, and I started writing lyrics that just spoke to me naturally. My lyrics were essentially having a musical conversation with the instruments. The song had such a sick groove and I really wanted to let that guide me lyrically.


Was there anything that you did differently while recording “Crazy Dreams” that you hadn’t done prior?

I think this one here is just all about confidence. ‘Crazy Dreams’ was one of the last tracks we recorded as part of this album project, and I remember by this time feeling so much more at home in the studio. Prior to recording this album I had never properly recorded in a studio before. I had only ever recorded demos in my bedroom with a very basic microphone and software. So this was a huge and important step for me.


This is quite a personal and vulnerable song; does it ever feel daunting to you to release something that’s about something so specific to you and your own experience?

When I first started writing music at around 15 years old, I was really reluctant to write anything crazily specific to my life or my feelings. It felt super daunting and I definitely wasn’t ready to tap into that side of my writing yet. But now as a few years have passed and I’ve grown a lot, I’ve realised it is so, so important to express yourself in this way through writing. It really has helped me talk through my emotions in ways that normal conversations can’t. Everything I write relates to feelings or events in my life, and when you realise that we’re all the same deep down, it suddenly doesn’t even feel daunting anymore. The human experience really is universal, and I know that a lot of people can relate to my music.


This was taken from your debut album ‘Celestial Love.’  Is there an overarching theme for the entire album?

‘Celestial Love’ is about self discovery. As my debut album, I wanted to show all sides of who I am and my continuing journey navigating life in this world. I’ve always been fascinated by space, intrigued by possibilities of intergalactic travel and I am constantly stargazing. I always felt like a bit of an alien, like maybe I don’t quite fit in on Earth, maybe I wasn’t supposed to be on this planet? So ‘Celestial Love’ is pretty much about exploring my way through these feelings. Growth, discovery, and change.


Was there something in particular that surprised you about writing and/or recording the album?

What surprised me was how naturally I responded to the music. The music clicked with me instantly. It was so refreshing. Each song made sense on its own, but also as a whole project. This was my first time writing a whole body of work like this and it just came so easily.


Your sound is unrestrictive; it dances between genres like soul, pop and R&B. Has it always been important to not be confined to a specific genre or type of music?

It’s the most important thing! I think for me as I’ve grown up listening to a wide variety of music, it’s subconsciously just natural for me to take influence from lots of different genres, as that’s all I’ve really known. Especially now, where music is so multi-dimensional, why confine yourself to one genre?


What 3 songs would you choose to soundtrack your perfect day?

Anything by Gorillaz, they have a song (an album) for every kind of mood. I’m loving amapiano at the moment too, coming from African roots anything with an afrobeats vibe I automatically love.


What next can fans expect from you?

More music, more content, more growth. I think me at this stage of my life I am ever evolving. Everyday I am discovering new dimensions and who I am as a person and I’m so excited to share that journey.


Lastly, if you could manifest something for yourself this year, what would it be?

That my music continues to grow in the way that it is meant to. I want to reach the ears of people who are on good vibrations, are also on a self discovery journey, and who want the most out of life…


Crazy Dreams is out now.

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