Persian American pop sensation SHAB re-invents Fat Joe’s cult club anthem Lean Back, on latest single Voodoo. Bringing on Joe himself on the track, the irresistible production weaves beats of Lean Back into SHAB’s debut track Spell On Me, for

The Canadian singer-songwriter has just released a new album, is going to be John Mayer’s opener in less than two weeks, and is busy prepping for his own headliner tour in 2024. Despite such a

In conversation with 1883 Magazine, Aluna discusses her new record MYCELiUM, the catalyst that inspired her to pursue a solo career, and more.

In Monnerat’s world, everything feels alive, every thing feels alive: from a leather jacket to sticks on a riverbank in Bahia to the green door of a local building they thought they’d never seen before,

Briston Maroney talks about prioritizing honesty in his songwriting, knowing when to shut up and how he fell into playing every single instrument on the album.

Seye Adelekan discusses Homerton Ocean View, what he's learnt as an independent artist, and what he wants to manifest for himself in 2024.

Singer/songwriter Gatlin discusses her songwriting process, when she realized that her EP was about grieving the loss of a relationship and more.

1883 explores the tipping point in Emei's career and her experiences as a young woman of Chinese heritage in the entertainment industry.

In the realm of modern music, where algorithms and digital production often dominate the airwaves, James Hersey stands as a beacon of authenticity, crafting a sonic tapestry that seamlessly blends traditional songwriting with contemporary flair.

These captivating visuals showcase models adorned in the exquisite creations of the emerging Chinese designer, Liwen Liang.

In conversation with 1883 Magazine, Tyler Cole discusses stepping out as a solo artist again, his forthcoming new era, how he navigates creative burnout, and more.

1883 Magazine sits down with artist and songwriter Wrabel to hear a bit more about the intentions behind his music, and his evolution as both an artist and songwriter over the years.

1883 catches up with Dream Wife's Alice Go and Rakel Mjöll to discuss the inspirations behind their new music and much more.

Following the viral sensation from his self-written and produced track, All For You, Cian Ducrot has taken the music scene by storm with his new album, Victory.

Pop singer A-Zal has established himself as capable of transcending boundaries with his soulful vocals, melodic instrumentation and thoughtful song writing.

Actress J. Smith-Cameron explains how her stylist awoke in her a sense of glamour through clothing, delves into the politics she's passionate about, and more.

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