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Best Affordable E-bike You Can Buy in 2024

As many of you know, over the past few years just about everything has been rising in price. From used cars, to rent, and even the cost of insurance – you name it, it’s been going up. And living in the city I feel like my expenses have been rising even more than most. That’s why I’ve been on the lookout for a new way to cut down on my costs. Enter the K Series e-bike lineup by KBO. I’m so happy I waited as long as I did because this new e-bike is exactly what I wanted. It’s my first step into the world of e-bikes and so far, it’s been a great experience.

I live and work in one of the busiest suburbs of the Washington D.C. metro area called Rockville. My studio apartment is about 4 miles from my office, so walking is almost out of the question. It just takes too long. And when I drive, I sit in traffic the whole time anyways.

Some of my coworkers bike to work in the warmer weather and I decided I would try something similar this year only with an electric one instead of a traditional bike. I researched a handful of options and the new K1 was the most affordable choice for my first e-bike while still coming with some nice features which I outline below. I chose the Midnight Black and don’t have any regrets on that! It’s sharp.

My Favorite Features

The foldability is a huge plus for me because my studio apartment isn’t very big. This let’s me easily carry up the stairs and leave it in my coat closet when I’m not riding it. At work, I just leave it in our covered parking garage beneath the office and lock it up. The rear rack is a nice touch too and doesn’t interview with the folding.

The acceleration of the bike is plenty for getting through town. I can easily accelerate up to the speed of most of the city traffic. I ride in the bike lane and have no issues keeping pace. I average about 15 mph according to the display and it only takes me about 15-20 minutes to get to work including stops and red lights.

The range it provides is also perfect for my commute. I only need to charge it once during the week and once again on the weekend. I love how much more affordable and sustainable it is than my car. If it weren’t for winters around here, I’d probably get rid of my car for good.

How to Improve This Bike

There are a couple small things that could be done to make this bike better, but honestly, these are just nitpicks because I like the bike quite a bit for my commute.

The seat is not very comfortable for long rides. Thankfully, I’m rarely on it for more than 20 or 30 minutes. If I decide to take this on any long paths in the summer, I will invest in a more comfortable seat.

I wish the bike could go a bit faster at the top end. It maxes out at around 20mph. I knew this when I bought it, but now that I have experience with how fast it goes, I feel like it could go faster. My understanding is this is a legal limit required to designate the bike as a Class 2 e-bike. Oh well!

My Final Thoughts

Overall, I’m really pleased with this as my first e-bike. The price just can’t be beat. I looked at a lot of other brands before landing on this one. Minus the seat (which is swappable), this bike is great. The photos don’t do it justice – the Midnight Black is really sleek. For anyone like me in search of an entry-level foldable e-bike that offers a solid combination of affordability, range, and looks, this K1 is an excellent choice.

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