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Bora Uzer | Flower Power at Pacha Ibiza

1883 chats with Bora Uzer before one of his sets at Pacha Ibiza's Flower Power to discuss his role as a DJ, working with Pacha Ibiza, and more.

Under the shimmering, star-strewn skies of Ibiza, where the Mediterranean whispers tales of ancient revelries, there exists a sanctuary of sound known as Pacha Ibiza’s Flower Power. The iconic event series is celebrated at Pacha Ibiza, embodying the spirit and exuberance of the 1960s and 1970s. This vibrant fiesta pays homage to the flower power movement, characterized by its message of peace, love, and freedom. The event transforms the renowned nightclub into a psychedelic wonderland, complete with retro decor, colourful costumes, and classic hits from the era that defined a cultural revolution.

Bringing club-goers to the hippie-era is DJ Bora Uzer. With a flair that melds the past’s ethereal echoes with the future’s tantalizing beats, Uzer crafts an auditory tapestry that invites you to lose yourself in its intricate weave. Bora Uzer has discovered boundless musical and spiritual freedom within the realm of electronic music. His life’s journey has been an intricate symphony of crafting sounds, manipulating frequencies, and mastering instruments, from the guitar to his own voice. Now, he immerses himself in a new musical universe, taking his spontaneous, improvised, and fully responsive live show to ardent music lovers around the globe, reveling in every moment.

Over the summer, his residency as Pacha Ibiza’s Flower Power DJ will bring together a myriad of guests curated by Uzer, ensuring that every evening at Pacha with Bora Uzer is not just an event; it is an odyssey of the soul.

1883 chats with Bora Uzer before one of his sets at Pacha Ibiza’s Flower Power to discuss his role as a DJ, working with Pacha Ibiza, and more.

What is it about the FlowerPower that made you want to be the resident DJ for the summer and into the fall?

I didn’t seek it out, but the way I play music seems to align with it. They felt it was a good match because I like to sample things from the past. I come from a live music background; I play instruments, loop things, and create moments with other people. Flower Power is all about happiness and great moments, and everyone is in the moment. It felt right, so I thought it would be a good match.

You talk about making moments with other people and not preparing your sets. How do you feel the vibe of the audience and determine where you’re going to take the set?

The people determine it. You look at the audience, see where they are, and consider the act before you. Sometimes the warm-ups are great and you just continue that energy. Other times, like tonight, you have a chance to build stories. I love playing long sets because I can look at the crowd and see them as colours. My sets are built around colours, not BPMs or styles. I look at the crowd, and if they feel green, yellow, or blue, I go with that. I don’t use headphones; everything is on my laptop. I press buttons based on the colours I feel, and it just flows. I don’t prepare because knowing what’s coming kills the energy for me. The unknown brings creativity and energy that can’t be mimicked. I live for those spontaneous moments, not for perfection. I want to be real, especially nowadays.

I saw on Instagram you talked about how each set is like a chapter, which I thought was a nice way to see these sets. Can you tell me more about that?

Every set, every time I play, it’s different.

Different people, different stories, different vibes.

Exactly, different colours, different dresses, different people. Everything is different. You can’t play the same thing. I look at the people and they give me direction.

What about some of the other DJs opening for you? What made you want to have them on board?

They don’t play styles; they play music. We all do what we do, but at Flower Power, we bring the new while being aware of the old school.

What do the words “Flower Power” mean to you?

Freedom, love, and real happiness.

What impact do you think FlowerPower has on the music scene as a whole?

Flower Power has nothing to do with electronic music but shows that DJs are the new rock stars. There is a merge, but I don’t think it will bring huge change to the music industry or dance floors. Flower Power itself is evolving and relevant now. It’s our duty to bring the past to the future. We carry hints from the past and integrate them into the present.

Flower Power is so atmospheric; how does the overall aesthetic feed into your performance?

It is all encompassing; just the energy and decor helps me. Everything around definitely contributes.

What do you feel is your role in music today?

I am just a piece of the puzzle.

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