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Buying for baby: what you really need

When you are preparing for your first baby, the amount of clothes and products you become suddenly aware of is huge.

If you read most baby websites or magazines, you will find all the newest toys, gadgets, and other items that are claiming to be necessary, and it can be difficult to know what is essential and what is nice to have. To help you weed them out, here is a summary of the items you need. When you have budgeted and bought these, you can then see what else you can afford extra. When considering what you really need for your baby, it’s important to do your research on safety as well; for instance, Caden Lane provides insightful information on the safety of using sleep sacks for babies.



All in one are very useful, and having around eight to work with will mean that you will not run out quickly. Babies can live in these in the first couple of months, perhaps with a vest or cardigan if the temperature drops.

Around six bodysuits with poppers are recommended as a base layer and then a couple of cardigans as a third layer if needed. If the weather is frigid, then a coat or thick all-in-one will be needed to keep your baby warm. Note that if you spend a lot of time driving around, then a slightly thinner coat may be needed, so the little one does not overheat. A soft hat and gloves are also a necessity if winter is coming soon. One pro-tip is to buy all-in-ones that cover the baby’s feet, meaning that you will not need socks. Socks are a nightmare to get on and are often wiggled out of anyway. We recommend checking out for all your baby clothes needs.



Newborn babies need their nappies changing around a dozen times a day, so it is worth stockpiling them. At least have enough to get you through the first few days as going to the shops will be the last thing you want to do! You will also need wet wipes for cleaning and nappy sacks for disposing of.

Reusable nappies are also an option rather than disposable, and if this is your preference, have at least 15, so there is no risk of running out. Also, you will need a nappy bucket, sterilizer, and nappy liners. It is always a good idea to have some disposable nappies to fall back on if washing your reusable ones gets on top of you in the first few weeks.



You will need feeding equipment depending on if you are breastfeeding or feeding your baby organic formula, or a combination. For breastfeeding, breast pads and nursing bras will come in very useful. If you are bottle feeding, then having a few bottles, brushes, and some way of sterilizing your bottles will be needed.



There are a few options for where your baby will be sleeping, the main choices being a cot, crib, or basket. If you choose a cot, you will need blankets, sheets, including a fitted sheet, and a sleeping bag. If you prefer a basket or crib, you will need a mattress and three to four blankets and sheets.



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