By Wednesday | “Hitchcock Hero”

Manchester-based quartet By Wednesday makes a striking return with their latest offering, the atmospheric indie-pop anthem “Hitchcock Hero.”

Drawing listeners into a world of layered, reverb-infused guitar melodies and a pulsating, rhythmic drum groove, ‘Hitchcock Hero’ sets a mood that’s both contemplative and captivating. Reminiscent of early Bloc Party with a dash of The Smiths’ melancholy, the track effortlessly blends catchy hooks with a distinctive, alternative sound.

Conor, vocalist and lead guitarist of By Wednesday, provides insight into the genesis of the song: “The genesis of “Hitchcock Hero” stemmed from an idea our bassist, Rob, recorded at home and shared with us via our communal Google Drive. As a band, we collectively shaped and molded the track during rehearsals, transforming it into a dynamic sonic journey. Anchored by a brooding bassline that steadily evolves, each instrument contributes to the song’s atmospheric progression. The drumbeat, in particular, adds a sense of urgency, reminiscent of the driving force found in Interpol’s music, where every instrument contributes to the overall tapestry of sound.”

Thematically, “Hitchcock Hero” explores abstract concepts rather than concrete narratives. Conor elaborates: “When crafting the lyrics, I often draw inspiration from snippets of phrases or verses that resonate with me, independent of any musical context. These fragments gradually coalesce into a cohesive narrative when paired with the right musical backdrop. The reference to “Hitchcock Hero” is a nod to the recurring theme in Alfred Hitchcock’s films, where protagonists find themselves wrongfully accused and relentlessly pursued. In a broader sense, the song delves into the archetype of individuals who project an inflated sense of self-importance, often portraying themselves as victims even in situations where they bear responsibility—a character type familiar to many.”

“Hitchcock Hero” is out now.

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