Loupe | Flaws of a Circle

Amsterdam’s indie-alt-pop quartet Loupe unveils their vibrant new EP, Flaws Of A Circle, marking a significant moment in their musical journey.

Following the warmly received debut, Do You Ever Wonder What Comes Next?, this EP expands upon Loupe’s signature sound while venturing into exciting new sonic territories. Consisting of Nina (vocals/synth), Abel (guitar), Lana (bass), and Annemarie van der Born (drums), the band has quickly garnered a feverish live act after having recently concluded a successful UK headline tour.

Speaking on the EP, the band states, “Flaws of a Circle as an EP is all about the tension between who you are and the expectations placed upon you, by yourself or others. About having insecurities, that can highlight your worst character flaws and make you question yourself over and over. But in the end, we all have such faults, and nobody is as perfect as a circle.”

Crafting an atmospheric and intricate soundscape, Loupe’s collection of tracks features unique guitar melodies, robust basslines, and dynamic percussion, all underpinned by Nina’s evocative lead vocals. Tracks like “Tested Waters” and the titular “Flaws of a Circle” infuse elements of groove and R&B, complementing the band’s indie rock roots. Meanwhile, “Black Beauty Race” emerges as a poignant anthem, delving into vocalist Nina’s personal journey as a mixed-race individual navigating between cultural identities.

Conceptually, Flaws of a Circle explores the delicate balance between authenticity and societal expectations, delving into themes of self-doubt and acceptance. It’s an introspective journey that acknowledges the inherent imperfections within us all, challenging notions of perfection and embracing individuality.

Flaws of a Circle is out now.

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