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Kevin Morosky

Author Kevin Morosky writes a love letter to Black women in his new book, Black Women Always: Conversations on Culture.

The Rolling Stones | Icons

With six decades of music, tours, and beyond, The Rolling Stones: Icons is the definitive tangible gallery.

Ella Monnerat

In Monnerat’s world, everything feels alive, every thing feels alive: from a leather jacket to sticks on a riverbank in Bahia to the green door of a local building they thought they’d never seen before, but was there the whole time.

Sasha Velour

Sasha Velour releases her debut book The Big Reveal: An Illustrated Manifesto Of Drag.

Annie Macmanus

Annie Macmanus chats to 1883 Magazine about her second novel The Mess We’re In, the art of interviewing, and more.

Sarah Bahbah

Sarah Bahbah is a master at creating worlds. From her cinematic photography to her short films and now a book, she manages to create art that is somehow both fantastical and magical and gut-wrenchingly relatable.