Millennial, the term coined for 21st-century’s young adults, is often associated with a generation that makes all the unconventional choices and as a result, has

Aesthetic Skin Training requires may require a big investment but can prove to be a boost in your medical aesthetic career. Most courses start at £700

Ed Sheeranis not your usual story of how a guy became famous. What’s the usual story, anyway? Well Justin Timberlake would fit into that mold. He

Over the past couple of decades, beauty has long been associated with wellness and health. There are several beauty brands such as Rihanna's Fe ty

England’s capital city is home to a plethora of innovative designs and world class architectural masterpieces. The city’s landscape has evolved as buildings have been designed

The Cisco certification program for IT specialists contains various paths which include: Cloud, Collaboration, Cyber Security, Data Center, Design, Industrial, Routing and Switching, Service Provider,

If you want to celebrate your love for your favorite team in utter style or add a touch of athleticism to an outfit, a sports

Tell us how you first got into making music? My dads a musician and producer so i grew up around music from birth really. From an early

Cybersecurity is one of the fastest growing sectors of the IT world. There are lots of job opportunities available for professionals who are skilled and capable

Music plays a huge role in the lives of every human being. Be it at the gym, in a bar or even in your office

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