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Discover the Best Free QR Code Generator for PDF Files

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PDFs are an excellent format for most businesses. If you’re trying to introduce prospects to your brand, this type of files can act as a digital brochure. If you have a restaurant, it can be a way for your customers to view a menu digitally. The possibilities are endless! Such types can provide much more info than PNG, JPEG/JPG, SVG, or other image formats.

Many businesses combine different types of files with QR codes to give customers easy access. You can print and distribute it in different areas to help customers learn more about what your business offers. But how do you create a QR code for a PDF? Which websites can give you a free QR code for a PDF? This post will answer these questions.

If you are in a rush, here are the top three.

  1. ViralQR is the best online QR code generator to create editable PDF QR codes.
  2. QRCodeGeneratorHub is a convenient and free QR code generator for PDF files.
  3. Get-QR allows using QR code PDF for free by creating an account.

1. ViralQR

If you need to generate a QR code for a PDF, ViralQR is our first stop.

ViralQR lets you generate several types of custom QR codes, including a URL you can use for such a format to quick response code. You can customize its border/frame, its dot pattern, change its shape and color, and even add a brand logo to it. When you need a QR code for a PDF file, you may want one that stands out and tells your audience its purpose.

Another reason this website is our top favorite is that it’s versatile. If you have a limited budget, you can make a static cipher for free, which also allows some limited customization. However, you ideally should use a dynamic code, which is modifiable and can track stats. This tool has several plans to choose from, ranging from $4.99 to $84.99.

The plans include more ways to create custom PDF QR codes, a certain maximum dynamic matrix barcode limit, and other goodies. There is also a 14-day free trial.

Overall, if you need to create a QR code for a PDF, this is one of the best PDF QR code maker sites for that. It’s simple to use, reasonably priced, and will give you a unique cipher you can put on all your marketing materials.



  • It requires a subscription to convert a PDF to QR code, but you can make it for free with a link to the PDF file on a cloud service.

2. QRCodeGeneratorHub

Coming in a close second is QRCodeGeneratorHub. If you need to share files, this website does allow you to upload them directly instead of relying on a linked file. In addition, it has free dynamic codes. However, these codes are limited unless you have a subscription.


  • Upload documents.
  • Create dynamic 2D barcodes without paying.
  • Simple to use.


  • Advanced PDF to frame’s features are paywalled.

3. Get-QR

Next, we have Get-QR, which is a great QR code generator for PDF documents. This QR code creator for a PDF also allows you to upload a file to let the user gain real-time access. It’s free to use, relying on ads. You need an account if you want to download the code. With that said, it’s not an advanced tool. You may need something that makes dynamic codes if you need a cipher edited or if you want something trackable or with your own style.


  • Free PDF to QR code maker.
  • Upload files directly to the site.
  • Easy to use.


  • Lacks dynamic QR codes with tracking.

4. GenQRCode

Finally, there’s one more service. This website lets you create dynamic codes for free, with pricing if you need to create more or need advanced tracking. They also let you upload PDF files. However, you do need to create an account to do that.


  • Direct upload.
  • Robust free plan.
  • Simple to use.


  • You need a plan to upload the files.

Why is it Useful to Create a QR Code for a PDF?

If you want your customers or prospects to read a file, creating a QR code from a PDF is a great idea.


Instead of having to type lengthy URLs into their browsers, all people need to do if you create a QR from a PDF is scan it with their smartphone or other mobile device’s native camera app. Most phones have a specific reader to view the linked PDF file once the link is opened.

Easy to Distribute

Once you use a free PDF QR code generator, all you need to do is print out the matrix barcode on fliers, business cards, or other advertisements.


Dynamic QR codes let you see who is scanning the codes and where. This way, you will know what places are worth focusing on and which aren’t.


When you turn a PDF into a QR code, it is possible to update the file if it’s a dynamic code. For example, if you’re a restaurant and your menu has changed, you can upload a new PDF without swapping the QR codes.

Where Should You Distribute the Code for Maximum Visibility?

Once you have converted the document into a cipher, you may wonder where to distribute it. The exact locations will depend on your business, your audience, and where you live. However, here are some ideas.


Many places that people frequent will have billboards that allow you to tack on a flier with a QR code on it. As you generate a QR code for a PDF, think about where your target audience may frequent. If you are a restaurant, for example, you may distribute fliers near grocery stores.

Restaurant Table

If you have a restaurant menu, your code should be on the table. Usually, it will be on a laminated stand where it cannot be damaged.

Business Cards

One of the best ways to distribute quick response codes is to hand them to people who may be your target audience. Business cards are personable, adding a human touch.

Product Packaging

Finally, you may want to include a 2D barcode on your packaging. This matrix barcode can direct customers to a manual or provide information on how to contact customer service.

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What QR Code Maker for PDF Features Should You Look For?


A good PDF QR code generator will have some form of customization. You can change the color, design, and border or add a logo to the code. This feature is essential to have in a PDF QR code generator because it will make your matrix barcode stand out in a world where most of them look the same.

Analytics and Tracking

A site that lets you see analytics and tracks every scan can help you change your advertising strategy. These websites typically allow you to do this through a subscription, whereas a static QR code usually lacks tracking.

Integration With Other Platforms

You may want a website that lets you generate a QR code for a PDF, integrate your code into a CRM system, Google Analytics, etc., and post it on different social media platforms.

How to Generate a QR Code for a PDF for Free

It’s easy for you to create a QR code for a PDF for free. First, you need to upload the PDF to your website or to the cloud. Cloud websites you can use include OneDrive, Google Drive, DropBox, etc. Then, you can use one of the free tools listed above.

Afterward, all you need to do is generate a URL QR code with a link to the online PDF document.

With that said a free QR code generator for PDF files will usually be limited. You may not be able to create a dynamic cipher—only static QR codes.

Questions & Answers

What is a QR code, and can I turn a PDF into a QR code?

A quick-response code is a type of barcode. It has existed since 1994, when it was used for automotive parts. In recent times, a new QR code is primarily used for smartphones. A smartphone can scan the cipher with its camera, which converts it into a URL or another digital form.

If you wish to convert a PDF to a QR code free, you can upload the PDF file to a free cloud storage and paste the URL into a cipher.

Can you create a matrix barcode with an embedded PDF for free?

No, most websites allow embedding PDF documents in a cipher under a subscription with a regular payment. Some files of such type are too large in size for this, and for security reasons. Instead, you upload the PDF to free cloud storage and then use the link to make a QR code for a PDF stored in the cloud.

Is it possible to create a PDF QR code and reuse the same cipher for different PDFs?

A dynamic PDF QR code allows you to change the URL, letting you reuse the same cipher multiple times. However, if you want to create QR codes with the ability to edit them in the future, this is often a premium privilege. You may need to pay for a subscription.

Is using a QR code for confidential PDFs a good idea?

If you plan to use a 2D barcode to make something confidential, remember that anyone who has the code can scan it and look at it. Even if you distribute the cipher to authorized individuals, someone may see it, and not only via mobile devices. You may want to share PDF files through a personal email or password-protect it.

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