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Extramarital Affair Websites

The internet is filled with numerous online dating websites, where you can find a possible partner and have an affair if both of you are interested.

All the sites claim to be the best in such regards. However, in order to be the best online affair website, there are several factors to consider. Thus, in reality, very few online dating sites are the best for online affairs.

It is needless to say that having an extra marital affair is not at all safe. Due to the large scale dangers associated with such affairs, it is important for online dating sites to provide proper online security to its members. Thus, if you ever wish to know how to sign up for an account, it is important that you check the security features of the site before doing so.

Ashley Madison

Amongst the various popular online dating sites, one of the most commonly heard ones is Ashley Madison. The website is one of the oldest amongst all such sites and is made with utmost safety and anonymity in mind. You can easily blur and even alter your photos that you upload. This will help you safeguard your true identity. You are also allowed to protect yourself by choosing a username for your profile.

Key Features

There are several features of Ashley Madison that have made the site extremely popular amongst users. Some of the key features of the site are described below.

  • Discreet Photos: This feature lets you upload your photos on the site and also alter them so that others are unable to identify you. You can also blur some aspects of your body or add masks to your face.
  • TravelingMan: This is another important feature of the site that allows you to easily connect with other members from countries or cities where you intend to travel in the coming future.
  • Wink: This feature allows all the shy members to show their interest in any other member without sending a message.


Ashley Madison has several members from different parts of the globe. There are close to 24 million members from the US alone. Almost 3 million members join the site every month. This will mean that you will have quite a few decent stream of members with whom you can connect with time.

One added advantage of signing up in this site is the fact that the members are quite active. So there is no need for you to worry about choosing through a bagful of dormant profiles. Majority of the members are middle-aged, which is rather understandable, since marriage life gets boring during that same time for almost every couple.

In order to interact with other members of the website, you will have to exchange messages. However, there are still many members who remain on their guard while sharing their information with strangers online. In order to remain anonymous, the editing features of the photos is rather useful. This is simply because your wife may also be online and you never know, you may be actually interacting with her on the site thinking to her to be a complete stranger.

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