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What are the Best Things to do in Europe?

With so much history, culture and great beauty all throughout Europe, it can sometimes be hard to decide what to do on a European vacation.

There are so many great places to explore so you are spoilt for choice, but if you are looking for the best things to do throughout Europe then there are a few activities which everyone should do in their life at one point or another. Here are a few examples.


Visit Sete Cidades & Lagoa do Fogo

Sao Miguel is a stunning island and the largest in the Portuguese Azores archipelago. Sete Cidades is an enormous crater which stretches three miles across with the beautiful Lagoa do Fogo lake found within the crater which ensures that this is an area out outstanding natural beauty with incredible flora on show. Despite its unique location, this can be easy to reach with a flight to Sao Miguel and you can save money on the train ticket to the airport when you book an off peak ticket online.


Swimming at the Krka National Park

Croatia is a beautiful part of the world with lots to explore and Krka National Park is a must-visit. This huge national park epitomises the beauty of the entire country because here you will find diverse beauty, including epic waterfalls, thick forests, sandy beaches and even a monastery built above Roman catacombs. Swimming in the turquoise lakes is a wonderful experience which will allow you to take in your surroundings and reconnect with nature.


Balloon Ride in Cappadocia

Hot air balloon rides are always unique experiences but doing this in Cappadocia in Central Turkey will be an unforgettable moment and a great way to take in the stunning landscape with the fascinating “fairy chimney” rock formations and prehistoric appearance. Ideally, this will be during sunset which will allow for incredible views and a special feeling as you glide through the valleys.


Travel to Monte Isola

There are many fabulous places to visit in Italy but one which is often overlooked is Monte Isola. Located on Lake Iseo, this unique town has no cars and has been awarded the “EDEN – European Destination of Excellence” by the European Commission for its sustainable tourism and maintenance of local production. With a huge green mountain as a backdrop rising out the water and a handful of charming villages to explore on foot, this really is a unique destination and one of the finest places in all of Europe.


There are many wonderful places to explore all throughout Europe but these are a few of the best places that are highly worth visiting and different to the more touristy destinations which can be overcrowded and not provide an authentic experience.

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