Following the season two renewal news, 1883 Magazine's Kelsey Barnes sits down for a chat with Imogen Waterhouse to discuss The Buccaneers, her dream day off in London, and more.

1883 Magazine sits down for a chat with Ashby Gentry about his role in My Life With The Walter Boys, his life in New York, what he's manifesting into the universe and more.

Actress Rebecca Antonaci talks about working Saverio Costanzo, what it was like to be in a lead role for the first time, the premiere at the Venice Film Festival, and more.

Josh Andrés Rivera discusses how it feels to be a part of The Hunger Games: A Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, the music that helped bring his character to life, and beyond.

Following the opening night of Stranger Things: The First Shadow, Oscar Lloyd chats with 1883 Magazine's Kelsey Barnes about getting into the mind of Hopper, preparing to undertake such a big role, and more.

Following the news of The Buccaneers season two renewal, 1883 Magazine speaks to Josh Dylan about all things Lord Richard Marable, what initially drew him to the script and more.

Fresh off the release of Family Switch on Netflix, Emma Myers chats about learning from acclaimed actress Jennifer Garner, spending days off shooting at Disneyland, and more.

"Stranger Things: The First Shadow" mesmerizes with its innovative stagecraft and captivating storytelling, expanding the beloved universe. The play seamlessly blends live action and technology, immersing the audience in a nostalgic yet distinctly theatrical experience.

The article discusses the music of Matt Ellery, known as Posh Chocolates, reflecting on personal struggles, societal pressures, and musical influences. His EP, "Clever Weight Champion," delves into themes of ego, identity, and social anxiety.

Nathan Stewart-Jarrett discusses where his love of classic film comes from, how he got into the mindset for Jules in Femme, his thoughts on toxic masculinity in today’s society, and more. 

Speaking with 1883, Cora Kirk tallks about Your Christmas or Mine 2, working (and falling!) in the snow, the ideal Christmas and what she’d like to do next.

Fair Art Fair, co-founded by artist Stacie McCormick, is a platform facilitating direct connections between artists and art lovers, while disrupting the traditional gallery model. The app, often referred to as the 'Instagram or Tinder

Korean musician B.I (비아이) reflects on the global success of 'BTBT' and his solo journey in an exclusive interview with 1883. He embraces growth, self-love, and explores post-love emotions in latest EP Love or Loved,

Will Gould discusses Creeper’s latest album, why Sanguivore is the album he’s most proud of to date and so much more. 

R&B female artists, including SZA, Victoria Monét, and Coco Jones, lead this year's GRAMMY nominations. Particularly noteworthy is Jones, who has enjoyed a growing reputation in music since childhood, alongside her acting career. Her latest

In conversation with 1883 Magazine, Adam Taylor delves into the release of his latest single, exploring the messages he aims to convey through his music, and more.

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