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Fashion Trends To Look Out For In 2022



While the winter is only about to start, the fashion world is already looking towards spring and summer 2022!

Designers have presented their newest collections, and everyone else is taking notes on what will be trending in the near future.

And if male fashion wasn’t that exciting some years back, it’s a whole new ball game today! Colours, patterns and fun cuts reigning the catwalks will soon be seen everywhere on the streets. Don’t stay behind!

Here are the fashion trends to look out for in 2022.


Optimism and energy 

Optimism and energy have dominated the shows, and people hope the sentiment will also take over the world in spring/summer 2022. And boy, do we need that!

Among the highlights are reimagined formal wear, clothes dedicated to social interaction, parties and dancing (just look at the colours!)

Lastly, 2022 will continue blurring the lines between feminine and masculine with crop tops, skorts (shirt meets shorts), best techwear pants, and heels for men.


Let’s party 

Still reeling from the last 18 months, people can’t wait to party properly, and that’s obvious in the trends and clothes like party suits, glitter, satin, silk and bright colours. The more decadent, the better!

Don’t be surprised to see the party looks topped off with chunky male shoes with heels. It’s 2022, baby!


Bermuda shorts 

Wearing stylish shorts is one of the few ways for guys to get loose in summer, and the Bermuda short trend will continue in 2022. No boring Bermudas for you, though!

Choose a pair in such bright colours as Fuschia or orange, pair it with a sleek, high-quality V-neck shirt, like the ones you can find in the Fresh Clean Tees website.



Do you know what would look great with those shorts if it gets chilly? A cardigan! No, it’s not for your grandpa or history teacher only, the cardigans are making a comeback, and they’re more fun than ever. Long, short, colourful or patterned – take your pick and don’t be shy!


Sleeveless sweaters

Sleeveless sweaters are another way to keep warm but still stay super stylish, and they’re fully trending for the 2022 season.

You can opt for a crew, boat or V-neck and pair it with a tee – the whole point is to show off those hands of yours. Yes, it’s the perfect time to hit the gym to be summer-ready!


Mixing and matching 

You may have heard that mixing and matching patterns are a fashion no-no, but not in 2022! Being bold and going for the craziest combinations that might not make too much sense at first glance is all the rage!


Monochrome looks

If you feel like you’re not ready for that fashion challenge, though, another hot trend is going full monochrome. Take your favourite colour and commit whether it’s neutral cream, grey or bright blue!



There was the shacket (shirt meets jacket), and next spring and summer are welcoming skorts – a piece between skirt and shorts. This is one way fashion blurs the lines between femininity and masculinity, and if you’re ready to take the step, go ahead!

Take note of famous men like Harry Styles or Kid Cudi if you need encouragement or inspiration.


Suits reimagined 

After working from home for months, many guys started wondering whether they needed to go back to wearing suits.

Fashion took note and came up with much more relaxed two-pieces that break with tradition (e.g. shirt jackets instead of blazers).


Full-on black

It’s unusual, but full-on black is back in the upcoming spring/summer season. It’s minimalist, simple and super easy to wear. Whether it’s slacks and a custom tee or an oversized suit, you can’t go wrong with this ultimate classic.



There are many discussions about whether a guy should ever wear sandals. To each their own, but if you’re a pro-sandal guy, you’re in luck because they’re coming back next summer!

Go for the sporty and chunky ones and pair them with your Bermudas or even that modern suit (unless your office dress code prohibits it!).



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