Foolproof Ways to Make Your At-Home Manicure Last

When it comes to nails, few things are as frustrating as looking down to find a chip mere hours after you’ve wrapped up your manicure. After all of the time and energy, you’d at least like to see your work rewarded with a week (or two) of presentable digits. There are a number of reasons your polish may not be standing the test of time, but we’ve got a few tips that will help you keep that mani looking fresh!


Cleanse Your Nails Before Getting Started

Contrary to popular belief, you should avoid soaking your nails prior to your manicure. Exposing your nails to water will cause the nail beds to expand due to moisture retention. Once they shrink back down, the paint will no longer fit the nail causing the paint to lift and crack. Instead, try wiping your nails down with white vinegar. This will cleanse the area and remove any excess oils ensuring a clean slate for your polish application.


File and Shape Your Nails 

Filing your nails also ensures for a smooth foundation and edges and prevents breakage. It’s important to file out your nails in a single direction rather than buffing back and forth which can cause small tears and brittleness. Mimicking the natural curve of your cuticles when shaping your nails can also aid in preventing breaks and chips in the nail.


Use High Quality Nail Brands

This is not the place to skimp and save money. Dollar store cheap brands and go with a name you can trust. Not only will they last longer, but they won’t contain toxic or harmful ingredients. SNS and OPI are the top 2 nail brands; SNS dip powders even include healthy ingredients to nourish the nail.  Also the big name beauty brands like Loreal and Revlon will have non-toxic ingredients as well.


Roll Your Polish

You’ve witnessed the nail polish shake, and I’m sure partaken each time before applying your polish. Well, we’ve been doing it wrong. Shaking your polish causes tiny bubbles to form in the paint thus being transferred to your nails. These little bubbles cause chips and can ruin your mani before you even leave the house. Instead, roll the bottle between your palms at a quick but smooth pace to properly mix up your paint.


Never Underestimate the Power of a Base Coat

A base coat is crucial in the longevity of your manicure. A quality base coat not only provides a smooth foundation for the color to stick to, but it can also strengthen your nails and protect them from stains. A great base coat tip is to apply two coats to the tips of your nails where you are most prone to chipping.


Seal off the Edges

This is a tip that often slips our mind, but painting the edge of the nail helps to seal the polish around your nail. This goes for the base coat, color, and top coat for the best results.


Avoid Heat 

Never expose your fresh manicure to heat, this delays drying further. Cool air is the best source for drying your manicure, and if you’re in a hurry, dunking your nails in an ice bath will expedite the drying process.


Protect Those Hands 

Harsh cleaning chemicals, hot water and dirt can contribute to chips in your nails. To shield your fresh mani from any damage, wear gloves while scrubbing the dishes, working in the yard, or any physical labor involving your hands. This added layer of protection will aid in the longevity of your manicure.



Keeping up with your manicure can add days or weeks to its life! Applying a fresh layer of protective top coat every 2-3 days is a great way to keep your manicure looking fresh and glossy. You can also fight chips on the spot by filing down the damaged edges and reapplying color and a top coat.


Keep Your Nails Hydrated

It seems like the answer to everything is, “Drink more water,” but that’s because, well, you should be drinking water and keeping yourself hydrated! The same goes for your nails. Your hydration affects every part of your body, including your nails. Cuticle and nails oils also aid in the hydration and overall health of your nail beds and prevent them from becoming brittle or splitting.





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