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Getting Car Insurance for the First Time? 5 Things You Should Know

Driving for the first time after you have got your licence is sure to be an exciting time, but before you hit the road, you need to take care of practical matters.

One of the most important things is getting insurance.

If you’re getting car insurance for the first time, you should be aware of the following five things.



1.    Car Insurance Quotes Can Vary Quite a Lot

Car insurance quotes can vary a lot depending on the specific insurer and your individual circumstances, but there are some great places to find car insurance cheap online.

Unfortunately, you’ll typically pay more for your car insurance as a first-time buyer in comparison to an experienced driver because insurance companies look at your driving history and insurance history when setting rates for your car insurance policy.

When you have less driving experience, you’re more likely to file an insurance claim. In fact, up to 20% of new drivers are involved in motoring accidents within one year of getting their licences.

However, by using a comparison platform like, you can still find a favourable rate for your car insurance.

Spend some time shopping around and getting quotes from different insurance companies and you’ll be able to find the best deal for your circumstances.


2.    Insurers Look at Various Factors Before Determining Your First Premium

Numerous factors are considered by insurance providers before they decide on your first premium.

Those factors include the number of people that use your car, how often the car is used, and where you park it at night.

Your credit score, your age, your location, and your profession can all make a difference to the premium, too, as can the size, age, model, and value of your car.


3.    You’ll Need to Provide Your Insurer with Personal Information

Before you can take out a car insurance policy, you’ll have to provide your insurer with various pieces of personal information, so it’s wise to gather all required information ahead of time.

Your insurer will need to know things like:

  • Your driving licence number.
  • Your date of birth.
  • The vehicle identification number.
  • Details of any safe-driving courses you have successfully completed.


4.    Different Cars Affect the Cost of Your Premium

While first-time drivers typically pay higher premiums, the model of your car can make a difference to the cost of your premium. So, some cars are cheaper to insure than others.

If you want to lower your premium, it’s a good idea to find out which cars are cheaper to insure. If you drive a sports car, an imported car, or a vehicle with a big engine, your premium is sure to be high. That’s because they require skillful drivers behind the wheel and are often more expensive to repair.

On the other hand, smaller cars and standard family cars like sedans are usually cheaper to insure.

Find out which insurance group different cars belong to before you purchase your first car so that you can evaluate the cost of insurance for any potential vehicle you’re considering buying.


5.    You Can Save Insurance Costs in Other Ways

In addition to selecting the right type of car to keep your insurance costs down, there are multiple other ways that new drivers can lower the price of their coverage.

For instance, some insurance providers give discounts to drivers who install things like dash cams and car alarms. You could even get telematics insurance, which involves installing a device that monitors how safely you drive.

Another option is to pay your yearly car insurance in one lump sum rather than in monthly instalments. By paying one lump sum, you could make significant savings.


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