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Gift Ideas For Your Trippy Friend

Suppose you don’t know what to get a cannabis enthusiast for a birthday gift, the holidays, or other occasions. Whether you’re searching for the greatest grinder, vape, or cool smoking accessory, stick with something that speaks to their interests.

If traveling to a head store leaves you perplexed, I’ve compiled a list of gift options you can buy within the comfort of your home. Any cannabis user will benefit from these gift ideas, which will help them take their experience to the next level.


Penis envy mushrooms

This mushroom is one of the largest magical mushroom species on the planet. The reason why it’s called penis envy shroom is because of the long stem it has that is topped with a large cap that resembles a penis. If you want to know about the right amount of penis envy shroom dosage you have to take, you can click this link and learn more.

Because of the intensity of the experience, it may be unsuitable for new users. So make sure that the person you are giving this is experienced. For the new users who want to experience the intensity of this shroom, It’s not the best one to start with, but it’s something to work your way up over time.


A 420 Themed T-Shirt

Being a stoner is a culture, so why not let them show off what they love in a funny way? A 420 funny t-shirt is the perfect gift for a stoner and they will look forward to the next time you smoke a bowl together.


Wedding Cake Live Resin

Since you plan on giving a gift to someone, why not provide them with a cake? A special one, if you know what I mean. Cake strain’s name comes from the fact that it is super frosty, like a birthday cake, with a light forest green hue and tiny orange hairs covering it.

As you smoke, this strain will take you on a euphoric journey, leaving you in a giddy and uplifting mood that will help you forget about your worries. The high will eventually lull you into a deep sedative state that will allow you to get a good night’s sleep.


Smell-proof bags

Having a smell-proof bag as a gift could never go wrong. In addition to concealing odors, smell-proof bags have other advantages, such as maintaining potency and controlling moisture loss.

This is also a good thing to have if your friend has children around them or family members that are against it. I’m sure they wouldn’t want their room to smell like weed when people drop by or when their car gets pulled over. Smell-proof bags also help their weed stay contained and safe.


Polarized sunglasses/shades

It is definitely a must for cannabis connoisseurs and stoners. I’m sure you’ve seen their eyes when they’re high. It’s bloodshot! The best way to cover their eyes is to wear sunnies.


A book

I recommend buying “Edibles: Small Bites for the Modern Cannabis Kitchen.” This book can help your friend bring cannabis into their kitchen with delectable low-dose, bite-sized treats. This cookbook is for anyone interested in expanding their culinary and eating horizons.

It allows readers and home cooks to enjoy and learn how to make dishes like gruyère and green garlic gougères that they might not normally include on a home menu— let alone one that is infused.


Buying a gift for your trippy friends isn’t that hard once you focus on what they’re interested in. They would already feel grateful if you’re the type of friend who supports what they want. But, also make sure that you’re well informed about what you plan to buy. You can buy something great, but let’s not forget safety!

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