Great Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Employees

Keeping employees happy is a key priority for business owners. A happy employee is one who works to their fullest, is productive, and really brings something to the table.

One of the best ways to keep employees happy is to show your appreciation for them, not just once, but throughout the year in various ways. As the holidays quickly approach, this is the perfect time to pick up gifts for employees that will signal just how much they mean to the company.




With that said, here are some great holiday gift ideas for your employees that range in budget making sure you can find something that is “just perfect”.


Gift Cards – Let Employees Pick What They Want

While a gift card may not seem very personal, the fact is that this is often a preferred gift by many. A gift card means they get to pick anything they want or need, so you know it will be put to use. The hardest part about giving gift cards is choosing what retailer the card will be for. Ideally, you want to pick something that offers a variety of products. If you’d rather, you can pick credit card gift cards, which are basically a pre-paid credit card so employees can use them anywhere.


Custom Mugs – a Gift That Anyone Can Use

If you’re looking for a universal gift idea that anyone can use, why not order custom mugs that you can give to each employee. They can be used in the office breakroom or at their desks, or they may choose to take their custom mug home. You can even make it more of a gift basket idea and fill the mug with some specialty coffee, tea, and hot chocolate packets and wrap the mug in clear or decorative cellophane and tie it with ribbon. It will look incredibly festive and yet be a useable gift.


Plush Throw Blankets – Who Doesn’t Love Snuggling Up in Winter

Why not speak to the season and gift employees with a plush throw blanket. These can be used on a couch or bed, and can act as that perfect warm and cozy touch in a space. The oversized throws tend to be the most popular, and you want to be sure you pick a neutral pattern/color so that it works with everyone’s décor.


Extra Holidays – Give Them the Gift of Time

Here’s a gift that doesn’t require you going out to the store to buy anything, but will be greatly appreciated. Why not gift each employee with a couple of extra paid days off?


A Digital Photo Frames – Let Them Fill Their Frames with Fabulous Memories

Digital photo frames have also become quite the popular item, and again it’s something anyone can use. You can also include a memory stick with the digital frame if it doesn’t come with one. Employees may choose to keep their digital photo frame on their desk at work, or enjoy it at home.


Showing Appreciation to Employees

Each of these gifts makes it possible for you to show your appreciation to your employees at the holiday season.

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