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How Gaming Brands Can Work with Influencers

Fashion and beauty industries might come to mind when you think of influencers, but the truth is that these social media gurus can have a massive impact in any industry, including gaming.

Influencer marketing has reached the gaming industry, and has had great results so far. And there are many different ways for gaming companies and developers to work together with influencers for a lot of mutual benefits.


Why is Influencer Marketing Effective?

Gamers are the main influencers when it comes to this industry. Streamers in particular are becoming some of the biggest influencers out there, with many avid gamers building loyal audiences and earning lots of money from playing their favourite games while putting on a show for their viewers. Influencer marketing has become so effective today since consumers are more likely to trust the opinion of real people that they follow and interact with compared to advertisements. Influencers are people who are authorities in their niche, whether they enjoy watching people play Fortnite or have a game of blackjack at Ruby Fortune online casino.


Ways to Work with Gaming Influencers

Whether you’ve developed a new game, want to sell a new console or have gaming accessories for sale, there are many ways that gaming influencers can help your brand get the attention that it deserves from your target audience. Some of the main ways to work with influencers include:


Social Media Content

One of the simplest ways to work with influencers is to partner with them to promote your brand through social media content. Today, many big YouTube gamers and Twitch streamers also have large followings on sites like Instagram, Twitter and TikTok and often use these platforms to promote the brands and products that they recommend.


Twitch Streamers

Twitch streamers are gamers who play games online for anybody to watch. They play a wide range of games including interactive games, casino games, first-person shooters, strategy games and many more. If you’re in the process of developing a game or have recently developed a new game that you want to promote, working with a Twitch streamer could be an ideal way to show off the gameplay and advertise it to the world.



Finally, many gaming product companies will also sponsor the content produced by some of the top gaming YouTubers. With thousands of people tuning in to watch their game reviews, playthroughs and more, it’s not uncommon to see these famous gamers promoting their sponsor by dedicating a short portion of the video to them. No matter what kind of business you want to use gaming influencers to promote, this can be a great way to get more recognition – especially if you are able to work with a gaming influencer who actually uses and benefits from your product or service.

Influencer marketing is one of the most powerful types of digital marketing today, and it’s here to stay in the gaming industry. Whether you’re developing a new game or running a gaming business, there are plenty of strategies for working with influencers towards success.

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