4 Tips in Choosing the Most Profitable Online Casino Games

Most people play online casino games for fun, hoping for a win but understanding that the odds are generally stacked against the player so that operators can profit from the products they create.


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However, if you are wondering about whether there are games that do offer an increased opportunity to make a profit, then there are a few things you can do to boost your chances of success. Here are just a handful of tips for narrowing down the field and putting yourself in the best possible position to win.


Opt for games with higher wager limits

As a rule of thumb, the more a casino game allows players to wager on a single spin of the reels, the greater the potential payout will be if you strike it lucky.

Of course just because a game has higher than average wager limits, does not mean that you have any more of a chance of netting the advertised jackpot. Indeed the opposite could well be true, as operators recognize that if they are going to pay out a huge sum to a few lucky winners, then they need to make up for this by setting high wager limits so that they are not left out of pocket.

So you may be wondering, is it possible to become a gambling whale? The answer is yes, so long as you have deep enough pockets. Remember, having a high roller status online or off is not about how often you win, but how much you spend.


Select games with a high RTP

Another way to look for casino games to play is to scrutinize the return to player (RTP) rating that the developer and operator will have to showcase if they want their game to pass muster with the regulators.

The greater the RTP, the more of the money will be returned to players overall. One common misunderstanding of RTP is that it means if you put in $100, you will get $95 back if the advertised RTP is 95%. In fact, RTP is really just an expression of the average payout proportion, so of your $100 spent, the $95 will be paid out to either yourself or perhaps to someone else who comes along later and gets lucky with a spin.

RTP mainly applies to online slots, as digital versions of table games are operated along different lines and adhere more to the probability ratings and payout proportions of the traditional casino activities that they emulate.


Pick games with low variance

Following on from our examination of RTP, it is also worth talking about variance, specifically with regards to online slots.

Variance is an expression of how likely it is for a game to pay out on a given spin and how much money can be won when the right combination of symbols is matched by a player.

Probability is once again at play here, and low variance machines pay out often but have smaller jackpots, while high variance machines are less likely to pay out but have larger lump sums to offer winners.

Low variance machines could be more satisfying, because they are set up in such a way that you will have a greater chance of winning in a shorter period of play. High variance machines could be more lucrative, but again you need to have enough of a budget to spare for gambling to justify this to yourself.

Aim for games where skill is involved

In general, gambling games tend not to involve much skill or even decision-making on the part of the player. This makes them easy to pick up and play, but does limit the opportunities for the online casino customer to tip the balance in their favor through talent and hard work.

There are exceptions to this, of which poker is definitely at the top of the list. In fact poker is really the only form of gambling in which it is possible to become a professional, and the top players are globally known and can build careers where they make millions of dollars from their wins, becoming celebrities in the process.

It takes time and effort to learn how to master poker, and some people are innately better at it than others, but if you are willing to put in the hours then you could potentially profit from playing poker online.

So as you can see, it is still best to think of online casinos as a place to pass the time and have fun rather than putting yourself under pressure to try and win.

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