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How much are off-road electric bikes?

Electric bikes are the best bikes to power your off-road adventures. With bags, racks, bottles, and luggage space, adventurers can carry on the journey effortlessly. Fat tires and pedal assistance make the e-bikes superbly comfortable for all types of terrains and routes. In addition, bike lovers love to upgrade their transport with the next-generation charging bikes. Though high-end bikes seem expensive, environment-friendly technology will soon be widely available for convenience and popularity.  This blog will discuss the cost and features of  Electric Bikes that affect the pricing as well as the Fiido Titan cargo bikes.

What is the estimated cost of an off-road Electric bike?

Electric bikes are the future technology that seems to prevail in local manufacturing and fuel-consuming vehicles. One cannot predict the cost of an electric bike without knowing its specifications. Before moving to the actual topic it is essential to understand the factors that contribute to the cost of an e-bike.

  • Bike Design

The major part of the cost estimation depends upon what kind of design you choose. A cargo e-bike has a space in the back seat to carry luggage. Some bikes are built to move in the rushy streets and city roads while others facilitate off-road adventures. Popular bike designs include:

  1. Utility or cargo e-bike
  2. City bike
  3. Folding e-bikes
  4. Off-road bikes
  5. Fat tires
  • Bike Model

Surely, the bike model matters. The older model costs less than the latest models of the e-bike. Every e-bike manufacturer has a wide range of e-bike models as per customer’s budgets and requirements.

  • Frame style

Are you an aggressive rider or a calm one? The frame style of the bike facilitates you on different types of routes. There are three types of frames available in e-bikes:

  1. High-step frame
  2. Mid-step frame
  3. Step-thru
  • Complimentary  features

The e-bikes come with a mile range per charge. The higher the range the greater the cost of the bike. In addition, personalized controls, torque, advanced braking system, and pedal assistance are the additional features that add to the cost of an e-bike. 

On the whole, an average bike may cost up to $ 1000 or more. The advanced models of e-bikes may range between $4,000 to $10,00. However, many charging bikes are more expensive than the estimates.  If you want to get a bike on the minimum budget, it’s good to keep $800 to $900 in your pocket.

Traditional bikes vs. charging E-bikes

Electric bikes are more expensive than traditional bikes. The structure and auto-functioning of e-bikes make them superior to manual bikes. One of the biggest reasons for high pricing is the lithium-ion battery. The battery costs nearly &500 or more. Another factor that contributed to the price hike is the motor. The manual bikes require force from the user to move on. On the other hand,  battery-fitted bikes use motors to assist in paddling and other functions.

Limited domestic manufacturing adds to the shipping cost. Moreover, limited parts availability and state-of-the-art technology make the vehicles more expensive.

The last but not the least one is the maintenance and repair cost as compared to the traditional mountain bikes. Traditional bikes come with simple infrastructure that is easy to learn. Comparatively, e-bikes require more skills and techniques to repair.

Fiido Electric Bikes – An affordable e-bike hub

Talking about the cost, the next question that comes to mind is where to access it. When you want a low-budget but high-end Off-Road Electric Bikes, there is no option but Fiido. With innovative and exceptional manufacturing, Fiido e-bikes serve more than 400,000 riders. The affordable bikes with long-life body parts make this company the most trusted and reliable.

Without compromising the quality, Fiido attracts thousands of bike riders for technological advancement and affordability. Even you can get an e-bike for as low as $ 400. Isn’t it stunning? In addition, whether you buy an e-bike or an e-scooter, you will find a supporting team around the clock. Our after-sale team deals with complaints and issues faced by the users. The aim is to eliminate the weaknesses in design and functionality and boost sales. Fiido bikes, undoubtedly, add value to your money. With full-service support, the users find it easier to maintain and repair the e-bikes.  

Fiido Titan Robust Cargo

Fiido Titan Robust Cargo e-bike is ideal for moving around the town. Its smart features are superbly beneficial for daily commutes. Commonly, cargo bikes are heavier and come with additional engineering structures. It surely adds to the pricing of the advanced bike. With extremely affordable rates as compared to the e-bike marketplace, Fiido Titan cargo is available as low as $1500. 


Titan Crago e-bike comes with two options. If you choose a single battery it is available at a low price with a standard 84 miles range per charge. With the Extender battery combo, you can get three batteries with a rack. It costs nearly $2030 with a standard 248-mile range. 

Customized lock option

Mobile-friendly off-road bike keeps you worry-free when you lose your bike keys. You can unlock your bike using the mobile app.

Velo Saddle

For long routes, the comfortable saddle enhances the body’s endurance and keeps you relaxed while riding.

Waterproof display panel

Titan cargo bike stands in distinction with its colored waterproof display. The display includes a button to unlock the dashboard and the battery.

Additional accessories

With built-in features, Fiido offers additional accessories along with Titan cargo. You can choose among a rear rack bag, front basket set, additional titan battery with bag, battery rack, Phone holder, Mate watch for Fiido Titan, Pannier bag for bike, and helmet. The more accessories you add to the cart, the higher you have to pay. However, the Titan cargo Offroad bike is ideal to go for any trip without adding any accessories.

Wrap Up!

To sum up, Fiido is the best option to access premium quality e-bikes. Whether you buy a scooter, mini bike, or cargo bike, you will find the best after-sale supporting team. So, ride on the rough and gravel terrains worry-free. Our customer care services are available 24/7 to provide convenience and smooth rides on all types of routes. For discounted e-bikes, waiting for the holiday sale season is a wise and pocket-friendly stance.

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