How to Buy Loose Diamonds- A Complete Guide

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When you opt to buy loose diamonds instead of a diamond ring, you gain a lot more advantages other than the fabulous stone itself. You see, with loose diamonds, you have far more flexibility and choices. You have the liberty to get the quality, size, and shapes you desire.

Besides, when you come to think of it, loose diamonds open the floor for customization. Surely we can all admit how more special and meaningful it feels to receive jewelry items like diamond rings from your partner with thoughtful details in them.

There’s an endless variety for customers who wish to buy loose diamonds at But before you set out to choose your precious stone, here’s what you need to know.

Diamonds- Remember the 4C’s

Some of the best shopping trips are those in which you get to buy loose diamonds. After all, it’s not every day when you come back with significant purchases like these. However, diamonds are a hefty investment, and you cannot afford to settle for mediocrity in return for your money. Thankfully, the GIA regulated a standardized method of judgment, which we refer to as the 4Cs of diamonds.

By understanding these 4Cs, you’ll know how to pick apart the finest quality from the mediocre ones when you go to buy loose diamonds. Below is a detailed description of the 4Cs, which will be your best guide for your future trips.


1.     Clarity

Clarity is one of the most important 4Cs because it determines the rarity of a gemstone and also its value. If you peer closely at a diamond, you’ll find tiny markings inside it. According to the standardized grading scale that the GIA had regulated, the value of a diamond depends on the number of blemishes or internal characteristics or the lack thereof.

If a jeweler describes a diamond as rare, it means that the stone has very few blemishes in them. In most cases, one can only see the internal characteristics through magnification but verifying it before purchase will ensure you get the clearest stone possible.


2.     Color

There are several factors to consider when you’re out to buy loose diamonds, including the color. They say the more a diamond is devoid of color, the more valuable it is. You see, a diamond’s chemical purity and structural perfection influence its value of it to a large extent.

If a diamond does not contain any hues at all, you will know that it is of the highest quality and worthy of buying. It must resemble a water drop to your naked eye if a perfect gemstone is what you want when you’re out to buy loose diamonds. You can refer to GIA’s color grading system, from D to Z, for this verification.

Grade D means the diamond is absolutely free of any color and thus, is an extremely valuable one. The more a stone’s grading leans towards the latter alphabets on the scale, the lesser their value will be due to the presence of color.

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The colors scale is from D to Z

3.     Cut

Many naïve buyers mistakenly assume that cut refers to the shape of a diamond. You must not make that mistake when you wish to buy loose diamonds at diamonds-USA. In reality, the cut of a diamond refers to the interaction between light and the many facets of a diamond.

A diamond with a fine cut is one that disperses light tremendously well and sparkles all the more because of it.


4.     Carat Weight

Carat refers to the overall weight of the diamond. When you’re out to buy loose diamonds, be sure to remember the two-hundred milligrams mark. When you narrow down your options, remember to subdivide the carat weight into a hundred points and measure accurately till the hundredth decimal place value.

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Actual diamonds on a hand

Buy Loose Diamonds- The Shapes You Must Know 

Thanks to the excellent craftsmanship of diamond cutters around the world, you can take your pick from a variety of splendid shapes to buy loose diamonds. There are plentiful shapes of loose diamonds due to their incredible skillfulness, but here are some of the most popular ones for your choosing.

1.     Round brilliant :

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When people want to buy loose diamonds, the round cut is usually their first choice. This shape came into existence after years of diamond-cutting practice because of the topmost level of brilliance the cutters wanted to accomplish. As a result of their efforts, all-around cut diamonds are spectacularly brilliant and have more angles and facets.

Round cuts also maximize the brightness and brilliance of the stone.

2.     Cushion cut:

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The nineteenth-century brought us beautiful cushion-cut diamonds. If you visit a store to buy loose diamonds, you will find this cut in relatively square shapes. The uniqueness of the cushion lies in its multitude of ratios with rounded corners.

3.     Princess cut:

If you dream of buying loose diamonds that are unique and exquisite for your lady love, the princess cut is your best choice. Princess cut diamonds have a square shape and incorporate eighty percent rough diamonds, which gives them an unparalleled shine.

4.     Emerald cut:

Want to buy loose diamonds that are glamorous, modern, and bold? Then opt for the emerald cut. This cut symbolizes unification and has all you need, from well-proportioning to pure brilliance. It features layered faceting and symmetrical sparkle, making it the best choice for modern wearers.

5.     Pear shaped:

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Pear shaped diamonds go back to the 1400s. These stones are most popular as engagement rings & pendants.

Lab Diamonds- A Cheaper Alternate

If you want to buy loose diamonds for your special one but have to work under a budget, you could consider lab diamonds as a fantastic alternate. They’re cheaper and purer than stones that come from natural mining.

It is true that lab-grown diamonds are purer than the mined ones because they’re free of impurities and dirt.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to investing in gemstones, one fine option is to buy loose diamonds. They allow purchasers more flexibility in terms of carat weight, cut, style and brilliance. Buying loose diamonds also gives more room for customization, which is ideal for those who wish to create unique jewelry designs, especially for their loved ones.

However, when out to buy loose diamonds, one must always go prepared with complete knowledge of the 4Cs as well as the shapes to choose the best diamond possible.

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