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How To Calm An Anxious Dog?

Just like humans, dogs also suffer from anxiety. Anxiety can make dogs behave in uncertain ways. The visible anxiety symptoms in dogs can range from aggressive panting, pacing, drolling, detachment, aggression, a change in tail shape, dilation of the pupils, and more.

The most common triggers for anxiety in dogs include owner separation, travel, traumatic past events, and more.

If your dog suffers from anxiety, you can consider giving them products like CBD oil for dogs or CBD-infused treats. CBD is effective for reducing anxiety among dogs because, like humans, they also have an endocannabinoid system. Though it’s not the only method, read on to find out what all you can do to make your dog calm and less anxious.

How To Calm An Anxious Dog

Mix CBD Oil In Their Food

CBD is one of the most natural and effective ways to make your dog feel anxiety-free quickly. You can mix a few drops of CBD oil in your dog’s food or give them CBD treats in parts after an activity or trick.

In the latest 2023 published study, researchers found that even single doses of CBD can reduce stress and anxiety in dogs during car travel and in events of separation.

Another study published by Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine stated that dogs who were given CBD chews before stressful events showed an 83% decrease in anxiety and stress-related behavior.

There are also plenty of anecdotal reports from pet parents who saw a tremendous decrease in their dog’s anxiety symptoms after the inclusion of pet CBD products in their daily routine.

Massage Your Dog

Dogs are prone to stiff joints, sprains, and muscle spasms. Restriction of movement caused by strenuous days of playing and running around can make them feel stressed, fatigued, and in pain.

This further worsens the anxiety levels, and giving them a massage can effectively relieve the built-up tension in their joints and muscles. In fact, even anxiety can trigger muscle stiffness and mobility issues.

There are plenty of YouTube videos to guide you through the process. The best way is to start with slow, gentle, and long strokes, starting from the neck all the way down to the feet.

With time, you’ll get better at this and identify the core stress points in your dog’s body. But be gentle, as initially your dog may feel cooped up and attacked; hence, make the process as slow and pleasant as possible.

Try To Create A Safe Space

Changes in the physical environment are the leading cause of anxiety in dogs. Of course, you can’t always stay at home with them, and many people love to go on trips with their furry friends.

Many times, you have to take them to your friend’s or family’s home or to different locations. At such times, you can make your dog feel less anxious and stressed by creating a safe space for them. This can be done by carrying things along, which makes your dog feel at home.

For example, you can pack their favorite play toys, mats, or beds on the journey. This will make them feel at ease, and the familiar smell of their favorite stuff will keep them happy and anxiety-free. You can also carry some of your dog’s favorite flavored treats and sprinkle them with some CBD oil.

Do Exercise With Them

Exercise is the ultimate anxiety-relieving technique for both dogs and humans. Lack of physical activity and playtime is one of the leading causes of weight gain, anxiety, and mobility issues in dogs.

Many pet parents skip taking their dogs for regular walks or games. This can make them lethargic and stressed, further worsening their anxiety symptoms. Hence, you should try to exercise with them.

You can go on long runs, walks, and hikes with your dog, and it’ll keep you both fit and anxiety-free. Dogs also sleep much better after getting properly exhausted. You can also take your dog to nearby dog parks, where it can socialize and play with other dogs. Such activities can be a great and cost-free method of keeping your dog happy, fit, and healthy.

Drape Them In Calming Clothes/ Music Therapy

These days, you can easily buy compression clothing for your dogs to keep them calm and less anxious. These garments are specially designed to apply firm pressure to your dog’s body, which makes them feel comfortable, hugged, and in a safe space.

These clothes help your dog stay calm during stressful events like thunderstorms, excessive noise, travel, when meeting a stranger, or during grooming sessions. Another way to make your dog feel less anxious is by playing white noise music.

Music is calming for both humans and canines. Playing soothing music may block outside annoying noises and help your dog relax and sleep better. Some people combine both techniques by dressing their dogs in compression vests and playing calming music during a car ride.

The Final Thoughts

To sum it up, anxiety can make life difficult for both humans and dogs. Almost all dogs experience some sort of anxiety in their day-to-day lives. It often gets triggered when owners take their dogs along on vacations or leave them at home for some time.

Separation and change in the physical environment can make your dog stressed, aggressive, and sick. There are plenty of ways to make your dog less anxious during such stressful events.

In terms of food, you can give them CBD oil, as it’s proven to have calming and pain-relieving effects on dogs. Just make sure that it’s from reputable brands like Colorado Botanicals.

Also, one should avoid giving human CBD products to dogs because their systems might have negative reactions to certain ingredients. So stick to pet CBD products for the best results, and always start with the dosage mentioned by the brand on the product package.

You can also try other methods, like massaging your dog, exercising with them, taking them on long walks, playing white noise when traveling in a car, or covering them in compression clothing.

Socializing is another great way to make your dog feel anxious. So try to take them to nearby dog parks where they can play and socialize with other dogs; this will also help them, as they’ll feel exerted and sleepy after hours of playing outdoors.

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