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Tash Sultana

Australian artist Tash Sultana has been captivating audiences across the globe for the last several years thanks to their distinctive and inimitable sound.  After years of busking in Melbourne and honing their craft, the multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, producer and engineer released their debut EP, Notion, back in 2016. It was a moment that catapulted Tash Sultana […]

Ben Schwartz

Ben Schwartz takes a deep dive with 1883 Magazine’s Logan Potter into his decades-long character development (both on-and-off screen), maintaining a healthy relationship with the internet — while continuing to update Rejected Jokes, naturally — and the unimaginably fruitful doors that his recent roles, including Sonic the Hedgehog, have opened.

Kehlani – Blue Water Road – Review

As soon as you press play on Kehlani’s Blue Water Road you already know that you are different album than what you have heard before. The first 3 seconds of the album opening up with the sound of being outside on the beach, the follow up from 2020’s It Was Good Until It Wasn’t is […]