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How to Cook Authentic Steak at Home

Steak is a vocational food among people all over the world. Go to a high-end restaurant or a simple homestead and you’ll find steak there.

A beef steak with gravy dripping out of it can make anyone’s mouth water. Age is out of the question because anyone of any age group can enjoy a good steak, and that makes it a great food for the family to share.

Cooking a steak is not as simple as it sounds; you have to pass through some steps to get tasty, flavorful, and tender meat.


Choose the type of steak

First of all, you need to choose what type of steak you want to cook. There are a lot of options available. Sirloin is considered the prime steak with great flavor. T-Bone is for sharing, but you have to cook it evenly. Bavette is great for barbecuing and is relatively a cheap cut. A fillet is valued as the most tender piece of the meat and is also quite expensive. Rib-eye can either be boneless or with a bone great for one serving. Flat-iron and Onglet are also very famous. And last but not least is Rump steak.

Most steak purists recommend that an unadulterated piece of meat void of any additional flavoring items with just a pinch of salt and pepper has a league of its own. But flavoring a steak is also an option. You can marinate the meat in exotic spices or, you can try a miso or teriyaki marinade.


Choose your cooking method

After you have chosen your piece of meat, you have to decide your method of cooking. You can use a grill, a grill-pan, or an oven. For indoor cooking, grill-pan is mostly recommended as these pans are specially made. They are thick, so they retain their heat and give the steak a smokey finish.

If you are trying outdoor cooking, then using a grill is the best option for you. But don’t just choose any old grill. If you want authentic steak, you must choose a high-quality grill. It’s best to compare different options in the market so you’ll really get the grill that fits your needs.

For example, you can read Camp Chef and Blackstone reviews to compare how these products fare against one another.


The actual cooking

After selecting the steak and cooking method, you can get right to the grilling part. Flavorless cooking oils are a better option. They retain the original flavor of the meat during cooking. In many cases, the fat is seared first then you can place the steak in the pan.

However, if you are using a grill, then apply a thin coat of oil to it. Searing a steak to a caramelized brown stage gives it a relishing flavor. Every type of steak has its own time that it takes to get grilled to a certain point.

For example, the prime steak sirloin takes almost one and a half minutes per side to be grilled up to rare and 2 mins per side to get medium-rare. Grilling a steak is an art that takes time to be perfect, but you can not get it right until you try.


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